Laces For Days

top [currently 25% off - size down, wearing an XS] // white cropped jeans // lace up shoes [available in this color and black] - ALL free shipping and free returns!

Oh hey there. I feel like this blog has been such an afterthought recently [I say that although I am constantly thinking about it] so maybe what I meant by "afterthought" is "oh crap - it's already midnight and I haven't written a blog post yet but I am so freaking tired AND ice cream sounds good, so now I don't know what to do except it has nothing to do with writing a blog post and everything to do with eating and sleeping!] Basically my blog has turned into a newborn. 

Speaking of newborns, remind me to tell you about the time I babysat my newborn nephew recently. It involves a lot of screaming, mostly me and partially him and also my nieces. Simultaneously for all different reasons. I'm an excellent babysitter. 

Back to what really matters though, clothes. You may recall these lace up sandals that I have been wearing like it's my job recently because OMG they are amazing [and really, way better than any job I could ever imagine but whatever] so naturally when I spotted these bad boys I was all "laaaaaaaace up! GIVE ME MORE LACE UPS!!!" My husband didn't really love this plea but I was all "Shawn, money is fleeting - shoes are everlasting so game over" and he was all "you are so right hunny, I love you and your desire for a great pair[s] of lace up shoes, you deserve them! Order now!" 

Okay I actually ordered them without permission and then hid my credit card bill from him but same thing basically. 

Regardless, here we are and my feet are happy which means mama's happy. These white cropped jeans are absolutely perfect for any pair of ankle height shoes and are also stretchy to some extent so they pair real nice with my recent ice cream cravings. 

Topped off with this paisley little tassel peasant top and we've got ourselves a summer outfit folks. 

[photos shot by the lovely tina herschberger photography]

And there we have it sweet readers. A blog post, an outfit and a bedtime before 1 am. Miracles are happening and I feel like I may even be back tomorrow for some more action around here. Get ready kids, it's about to go down. [I'm not really sure what the even means but it sounded cool so we're going with it]. Peace out lace up lovers. 



  1. Great shoes!!! Love them! Curious, what camera do you use for your images? Thanks love!

    1. I worked with a photographer for this shoot so she shot the images and I am not sure what she uses, sorry!

  2. Oh my gosh... I love the small print honesty! That made my day! Ha! So do you like these better than the other lace up pair you've been wearing a lot (Vince Camutos)? I'm trying to decide between the two!

  3. While I love them both, if I could only choose one pair I would go with the Vince Camuto because I just love those things so much! http://bit.ly/1MLsdGJ

  4. Loving these lace-up sandals! Too cute. Perfect for Summer.


  5. I love the Halogen shoes and the bathing suite, but they are no longer available! Totally bummed!

  6. love, love, love these shoes!


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