Summer Bucket List

While it's still technically not summer yet [hi June 20th!] I'm fully convinced that it's here and I'm not turning back, no matter what Indiana weather decides to throw at me. Yes, it's 80 and sunny now but it very well could be 40 and snow next weekend. It's a sneaky little thing that Indiana is. Regardless, summer is almost here and I am embracing every little morsel that it has to offer. Or at least that's the goal.

If you've been around here for any length of time you have probably seen me write a post of things that I want to do. Do not mistake that with a post of things that I actually do. That whole want vs action thing is still something I'm polishing up on [hence why I haven't worked out in over a month]. To ensure I have at least somewhat of a plan in place for things I would like to accomplish this summer I thought I would put together a little bucket list of sorts. Lets do this...

1. Go to at least 5 concerts, preferably 10. Summer is prime time for live music and there is nothing I love more than singing among a crowd of people just happy to be live. So far on the list we have Florida Georgia Line, Cole Swindell, Cadillac Three, Chris Janson, Trace Adkins, Eli Young Band, Rascall Flatts and Kelsea Ballerini. So I might like country music. Really if I could just add Justin Bieber into the mix my life would be set.

2. Live outside on the patio as much as possible. Preferably with friends and a giant glass of wine.

With the completion of our patio, we now have a large space to entertain and entertain we shall. We had the first kickoff party last week and I'm craving another one already. There's nothing better than gathering around a fire, pouring a glass or three of wine, turning on some music and letting the stories flow. We opened up a few bottles of Sequoia Grove Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon and oh baby, now that is some good wine. You know how there is wine and then there is actual really good wine that your guests compliment you on? Enter Sequoia Grove wines. Those folks in Napa Valley apparently know what they are doing and have been doing it well since 1979. This wine is truly so full of flavor, smooth and tastes luxurious. You deserve it, pour yourself a glass and enjoy. You can shop it all right here!

Do you know what pairs incredibly well with some fine wine? Smoked bacon gouda and salami with a side of raspberry almond tart cake. 

Yeah, I could go for all of the above again.

3. Try new clothing trends. This may sound silly but I am a creature of habit when it comes to fashion - I like what I'm comfortable with and I stick with that. All of this boho, lace, off the shoulder stuff is totally out of my element but with summer on the verge I feel like it's a great time to get a little experimental. Come at me summer trends, I'm ready for you.

4. Enjoy the outdoors with no technology in hand. I am so guilty of laying on the boat while scrolling mindlessly on Instagram not even taking in the beautiful scenery around me or the entertainment of my captain and husband. I want to leave technology indoors as often as possible and enjoy the fresh air without having to photograph it.

5. Workout every day in June. Yikes, it scares me just writing it. Somebody, anybody keep me accountable to this. I need the calories for wine ;)

And that's just the start - cheers to the fun and sun that's to come! [I also added "rhyme like a boss" to my bucket list #nailedit]

[photos shot by the talented tina herschberger photography]

This post was sponsored on behalf of Sequoia Grove via One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.



Life's Too Short To Not Party On A Tuesday

Here's the thing - I love a good party for any reason, but mostly for no reason at all. I'd like to think that Drake and I are really one of the same as we both love to go up on a Tuesday [this is me trying to act cool and like I actually understand what that even means but truth be told, I don't - it's catchy though so I'm using it]. 

Last week I had checked out the 10 day forecast because that's what you do when you are almost 30 and I noticed that this week was going to be on point with nothing but 80's and sunshine. If there is ever a time to party it's when it's 80 and sunny. Immediately I invited over 10-15 of my closest friends who also believe in getting together no matter the day [weekends are so overrated] and we spent hours and hours grilling out, eating our hearts out, poppin' bottles, sailing the seas, sitting around the fire, making s'mores, singing songs and having f-u-n. 

On the menu? Burgers, brats, hot dogs, the best baked beans EVER [no but seriously], chips because duh, the creamiest slow cooker mac and cheese because also duh, endless cocktails and my new favorite "I just partied on a Tuesday but need to feel awesome on Wednesday" cure in a bottle, RESQWATER.

I just recently learned about RESQWATER [sold here and on Amazon!] but basically in a nutshell it is a drink that you are encouraged to drink either in between cocktails or at the end of a night after having a few to help ease the day ahead. Loaded with ingredients that help protect your body from all of the oxidative stress [how smart do I sound right now?] that alcohol causes when drinking. Because we all had to work the next day, #adulting, I figured it would be the perfect setting to bust out this product and give it a shot.

The result? Twelve attendees, lots of wine, beer and liquor consumed and zero hangovers come Wednesday morning. A huge success if I don't say so myself. While RESQWATER doesn't taste like straight water because of the added ingredients to do magical things, many of my friends loved how it tasted and appreciated the fact that we had something on hand to prevent the aches and pains that the next day can often bring ;)

It was such a fun evening spent together and I can't wait to do it all over again [and again and again] as the summer continues. It's nights like these that make this whole life thing so awesome. I am so thankful for these people and wine.

[thank you to tina herschberger photography for coming over to shoot our fun filled night!]

So where's all my party people at around here? Raise your hand if you're excited to serve up some RESQWATER at your next bash! Your friends heads say thank you in advance. Happy kickoff to summer this weekend - may your cups be full and your plates be empty. Cheers!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of RESQWATER. The opinions and text are all mine.



Here I am, just minding my own business casually scrolling through Nordstrom at 6:45 am like I normally do when all of a sudden this giant red banner flashes in front of my eyes that says HALF YEARLY SALE - UP TO 40% OFF! I gasped, I clicked on it and then right there in front of my eyes nearly EVERY SINGLE ITEM I have purchased recently showed up in front of my eyes! But not in the same state it was when I purchased it, oh no, at much cheaper prices because that's what a half yearly sale will do to things. So here we are, all of these incredibly great items at way lower prices all of a sudden and now it's my job to share them with you. You can repay me in wine and macaroni and cheese, thank you.

shift dress - currently 40% off making it $28! So many colors available! While this is a shorter dress worn alone, it would be really cute with leggings as well! // leather sandals - currently 30% off, comes in brown and black and SO comfortable!

 one piece swimsuit - currently 30% off [available in a two piece version here/here] // life's better in the ocean cover-up // clutch 

ankle strap pumps - currently 40% off making them less than $60, available in both black and white 

utility jacket - currently 40% off in Olive making it less than $60 [navy available here] // white tee - 2 for $28 // white cropped jeans // lace up sandals [similar pair on sale here!]

high neck shift dress- currently 40% off making it $20 // lace up sandals [similar pair on sale here!]

Maxi dress - currently 40% off making it less than $30, it is so comfortable! // sandals // purse

The most comfortable sweatshirt - currently 25% off in blue and coral making it less than $40, size down - I'm wearing an XS [shop my purple sweatshirt here] // shorts // shoes [40% off in additional colors here]

 lace up pumps - currently 40% off making them $70, they are the most comfortable heel // purse

maxi dress - currently 40% off making it around $30! I love the back on this one! 

A few items I'm adding to my cart currently // these espadrille wedge sandals, distressed cropped skinny jeans and this blazer!

Happy shopping!
ps. all of the above items are free shipping + returns, #winning



Laces For Days

top [currently 25% off - size down, wearing an XS] // white cropped jeans // lace up shoes [available in this color and black] - ALL free shipping and free returns!

Oh hey there. I feel like this blog has been such an afterthought recently [I say that although I am constantly thinking about it] so maybe what I meant by "afterthought" is "oh crap - it's already midnight and I haven't written a blog post yet but I am so freaking tired AND ice cream sounds good, so now I don't know what to do except it has nothing to do with writing a blog post and everything to do with eating and sleeping!] Basically my blog has turned into a newborn. 

Speaking of newborns, remind me to tell you about the time I babysat my newborn nephew recently. It involves a lot of screaming, mostly me and partially him and also my nieces. Simultaneously for all different reasons. I'm an excellent babysitter. 

Back to what really matters though, clothes. You may recall these lace up sandals that I have been wearing like it's my job recently because OMG they are amazing [and really, way better than any job I could ever imagine but whatever] so naturally when I spotted these bad boys I was all "laaaaaaaace up! GIVE ME MORE LACE UPS!!!" My husband didn't really love this plea but I was all "Shawn, money is fleeting - shoes are everlasting so game over" and he was all "you are so right hunny, I love you and your desire for a great pair[s] of lace up shoes, you deserve them! Order now!" 

Okay I actually ordered them without permission and then hid my credit card bill from him but same thing basically. 

Regardless, here we are and my feet are happy which means mama's happy. These white cropped jeans are absolutely perfect for any pair of ankle height shoes and are also stretchy to some extent so they pair real nice with my recent ice cream cravings. 

Topped off with this paisley little tassel peasant top and we've got ourselves a summer outfit folks. 

[photos shot by the lovely tina herschberger photography]

And there we have it sweet readers. A blog post, an outfit and a bedtime before 1 am. Miracles are happening and I feel like I may even be back tomorrow for some more action around here. Get ready kids, it's about to go down. [I'm not really sure what the even means but it sounded cool so we're going with it]. Peace out lace up lovers. 



Drink This // Sparkling Cucumber Mint Gin Cocktail

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CH Distillery for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Ahhhh, the tastes of summer have arrived and if there is anything that I love during the warmer months it's a refreshing cool cocktail in the palm of my hands. There's just something about coming home from work, filling up your cup with your favorite concoction and sitting outside on the patio unwinding from the day. While I am guilty of finding something that I like [hi rum and diet] and sticking with it, I have been trying to do a better job of breaking out of my cocktail shell and switch things up a bit because YOLO, ya know? I think of cocktails like I think of my wardrobe - as the weather changes, so should it. Nobody has time [or space in their swimsuits] for all of the heavy ingredients so when I saw this light and refreshing recipe I knew I wanted to try it. 

Fortunately I recently discovered CH Distillery Spirits which is based out my favorite city, Chicago [564 W Randolph for those of you in the area], who happens to be known for their vodka and other premium liquors. When I saw their CH Key Gin I knew I wanted to get creative with it. Made with fresh key lime, lavender and white pepper and distilled from their CH Vodka it was an obvious go-to choice gin for creating this sparkling cucumber mint gin cocktail and boy, it did not disappoint. 

Here's what you will need to make it...

1 oz lime juice
2 oz CH Key Gin
4 oz sparkling water 
sliced cucumbers
sliced limes
mint leaves

And here's how you make it.. 

1. Fill glass with ice. Pour lime juice, CH Key Gin, and sparkling water over ice. Helpful hint: when it comes to pouring, keep in mind that a regular size shot glass typically equates to 1.5 oz of liquid. 

2. Add cucumbers, limes and mint. 

3. Stir it up / make it look pretty

4. Sit back, relax and enjoy your drink. Cheers! 

If gin isn't your thing, you could easily switch this out with some of CH Distillery's other options, all of which sound wonderful: 
  • CH Vodka: Clean, light sweetness, peppery finish and a smooth mouthful. Distilled from Illinois winter wheat and rye
  • CH London Dry Gin: a balanced classic Martini Gin. Citrus peel, juniper, cardamom and pepper. Distilled from CH Vodka
  • CH Peppercorn Vodka: Tellicherry peppercorns make this spirit daring in cocktails and perfect for Bloody Mary’s. Black pepper flavor, citrus accents, fiery hear.
  • CH Bourbon: an adventurous bourbon. boozy and smooth. Bold, full bodied, hints of maple and brown sugar. Distilled for CH from Midwest corn and rye, aged in new American oak barrels.
I am so excited to have discovered CH Distillery liquor to drink but also as a new place to go check out when I am in the windy city. We are always on the hunt for fun local places to hang out and this place looks like just the ticket. Next time you are in Chicago make sure to stop by and check out CH Distillery Events, perhaps they'll have this drink waiting for you ;) 

What's your favorite way to enjoy gin? I'm officially sold...

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