The Boat Is Back And I'm Gonna Get In Trouble...

Please sing the title to the tune of "my boyfriend's back and you're gonna get in trouble..hey la, hey la, my boyfriends back." Okay, now begin reading. 

This past weekend Indiana blew our freaking socks off [literally, we were barefoot all weekend] and surprised us all with 80 degree temps and nothing but that shiny ball of sun. I tried counting clouds all weekend and I kept coming up with zero. Well played weather man, well played. 

Being that we were wise enough to put our boat back in the water a few weeks ago when it was still snowing outside we had the upper hand advantage among many of our neighbors who couldn't see past the freezing temperatures and white powder on the ground meaning come the middle of April, we were out cruisin' on the pontoon all weekend. 

Long story short, I am a little bit excited that the best time of the year is now upon us and that the only thing I need to worry about is if I should bring mini bottles of wine, beer, or a captain and diet out on the boat with me. She votes beer. 

To celebrate the beginning of all good things, we invited my family over for a good ole fashioned Sunday boat ride and cookout to kick things off into high gear.  We added a new little sail mate to our crew this year and so far, so good. I think he's diggin' this whole summer lifestyle thing so far.  

As for the rest of the gang, I think they liked it too. We've got a 4 year old driving the boat, a 6 year old trying to keep goldfish out of a dogs mouths and men doing what they do best - not paying attention to any of it ;) 

This weekend also marked the christening of the new patio - the space is now huge meaning we could all eat peacefully and didn't even notice when the youngest one spit up all the place. FREEDOM. We are in the waiting stages of being able to get this bad boy all decked out with our new patio furnishings from hayneedle.com and the polywood adirondack chairs that arrived yesterday. While it may not be completely set-up to our liking yet, it didn't stop us from dominating some serious summer food [burgers, baked beans, pasta salad, chips, veggies, etc]. You know, all the healthy stuff.

 lit up anchor found here // excuse the not showered, no make-up look. it's sexy,  I know. 

And there we have it. The first official "best weekend ever" of the spring/summer/whatever the heck we are in underway.



  1. How fun!! You are always having a great time, especially when you are with your family. I have followed your blog now for about 4 years and I have loved every minute of it!

  2. Looks like a great way to spend the weekend! When I think of summer fun it always involves water, sun, family, and of course, yummy food! :)

  3. My absolute favorite way to spend my weekends! Boats, beer, and burgers! Yes, please!!



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