Long Live The Maxi Dress

I'l be the first to admit that I find most trends rather annoying. I just don't understand some of them, say for instance high waisted shorts. Has anybody else noticed how they have the ability to make ones butt look longer than the great wall of china? Pair those with a crop top and high top converse and we're now calling that cute. Where did we go wrong people? 

Lets talk about where we went right however - the maxi dress. I could live in a maxi dress for the rest of my life and die a happy camper. I mean I would die a hairy camper [how great is it that maxi dresses require zero leg shaving?] but happy none the less. I am all for items that are easy to wear yet make it look like you actually tried to be presentable. They are effortless, timeless and more times than not super flattering. 

When I found these awesome pleated chiffon maxi dresses on major sale at Express I knew I had to snatch them up. So snatch them I did. The bummer part to this story is that it appears they aren't for sale online but in-store only, however the good news is I did my research and linked to several other very similar others that you can get your hands on. 

I can't wait to wear these babies during the next few months - dressing them up and dressing them down [and most likely sleeping in them because I've gotten into this bad habit of falling asleep on the couch recently before getting ready for bed, oops]. 

Curious to hear which color is your favorite? 

Check out these other great maxis and we can be twinning all summer long. What trend(s) are you loving this season?



  1. These maxi dresses look really great on you! As for me, the first light blue dress is fantastic! Its nice, juicy azure color makes you shine!
    I do absolutely agree with you concerning today strange women fashion. I love when my woman looks nice and trendy and buys trendy dresses, but I do not understand strange and uncomfortable things she sometimes purchases:)
    R&D at http://uk.pinkelstar.com/

  2. Favorite color is blue! I try not to go with too many trends as I'm focusing on minimizing my wardrobe down to the staples and a few pieces that pop.

  3. oh man, i'm going to have to go hunt this down in the store! :)
    (i love both blues on you too!)

  4. I LOVE the royal blue dress on you - it looks so great!

  5. Love the navy! Maxi dresses are the best! I throw a denim vest over them when I can't deal with a strapless bra. So comfy!!

  6. Um, the cobalt blue, hands down, amazing. But also love the navy. Basically, yes to all things blue and maxi-dress. Also huge shout out to the maxi skirt, aka the only reason I can be seen in public between leg waxes in the summer.

    Fashion By Committee

  7. That dress looks amazing on you! I love the necklace you paired with it :)

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  8. great dresses and that blue is stunning

  9. Such a great post! I am totally hoarder of Maxi dresses from yandy coupon and it is my goal to only wear them when I am away on vacation so that I am not worried about different tops and shorts and skirts.


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