California Adventures // Day 5

Just when you thought I totally forgot to finish my vacation recaps from our trip out to Southern California earlier this year, I surprise us all while keeping the the vaca alive. If you weren't around for the previous posts, you can read days one, two, three, and four by clicking on those little links there. California is my jam if I haven't made that obnoxiously obvious by now. Even more my jam though? Waking up at our new favorite Southern Cal hotel, Tower23, listening to the sound of the ocean, watching the surfers do their thing and shoving my face full of bacon all while sitting in bed. Totally didn't suck.

Because Tower23 is located directly on a major walking path, we laced up our tennis shoes and took in the morning with coffee in hand, ocean by our side and got in a few miles before the sun was fully out.

From there we made our way to a lounge chair back at the hotel where we laid for hours before deciding to head up the road to La Jolla for lunch. La Jolla has always been one of my favorite places to visit - between the seals, scenery, homes, shops, it's just all so good. We somehow found ourselves in a hookah bar on accident where we ordered lunch and then decided to eat in the park because well, hookah at 11:00 am isn't really my thing.

More lounge chair laying and then it was time to get all prettied up, partake in national wine drinking day and get settled to take in what was going to be the most amazing sunset we had ever seen. Right from our freaking room. Hallelujah.

top :: miss chic // jeans :: stitch fix // shoes :: old

Ready for the sunset show? It's coming....

Okay, it's starting [don't blink]...

It's getting real now..

TA-DA! Amazing right?

There were approximately one million and two hundred thousand "wow"s spoken during that time. Nothing better than a west coast sunset people. Nothing. Well, unless Ryan Reynolds was standing on the beach during that time. That could probably top it.

To end our day, we ventured off to Tom Ham's Lighthouse for dinner in San Diego to eat outside and soak up the beautiful skyline while watching planes and boats both come and leave.

Another day down, one more to go. Is it time to go back yet? 


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  1. That sunset was gorgeous! Love your California recaps, makes me want to visit again.


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