The Brains Behind The Bracket. Or Something Like That..

Well now that the bachelor is over it's time to focus our attention to other equally important items - college basketball. I'm totally that girl who doesn't watch an ounce of basketball during the regular season and then when the crazy bracket madness rolls around I'm all front and center, talking trash like I know what's up when really I picked the teams based on their colors [but nobody needs to know that.] There's something that is just so great about this time of year. It could be the food now that I think about it..yeah, it's totally the food. But it's also the last minute upsets, the buzzer beater 3 point shots that skyrocket people in bars and living rooms out of their seats and of course - the filling out of the brackets that creates the utmost amount of competition with friends, family members and complete strangers. 

When I saw that Yahoo was offering a bracket challenge that allows you to play against your friends AND win prizes at the same time [ummmm, sure I'll take $5000 that has to be used for a vacation away from work!] I was all in. Here's what you need to know...

1. Sign up NOW thru March 17th to participate in the complete bracket which is really the only good way to compete if you ask me. 

2. Make all of your selections, just maybe don't choose mine. Here's a sneak peak at my picks. Rock chalk baby, rock chalk. Keep in mind when selecting your teams that it's typically good luck to choose the team that will win by who has the cuter point guard. Forget that seed hype, it's all a gimmick I'm sure. 

3. Get your friends to join in the fun and compete against them. If I were you I would probably throw a few dollars into the pot to make it even more exciting. 

And that's really all you need to know about that. Head over to the Yahoo Tourney Pick'em Sign-Up and Play and get down with your bad self. Okay but first, I need to know - who you are picking as the ultimate winner? Drop your team below..it's on baby. Annnnnnd, GO. 



  1. I love this time of year as well! Such a great excuse to sit on the couch to watch sports and eat delicious food. I picked Kansas to win... as much as that pains me as an Iowa State fan. I'm looking to win in my brackets this year! ;)

  2. #rockchalkjayhawks it's my season! I love this time of year!


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