One Up Your Cup

I've made it no secret around this joint that sometimes the food that I put into my mouth isn't necessarily the healthiest of choices. Unless of course potato chips are the new kale, in which case #winning. Unfortunately my potato chip addiction doesn't pair well with the way that I look in a bikini, so with summer right around the corner I decided it's probably best if I start finding alternative snacks that won't leave me looking like, well a potato. Being that I am a huge lover of dairy [minus the whole milk thing] I decided to turn to Yoplait® for a better option. 

Here's the thing though -- while yogurt on its own is still good, it turns to great when you get a little crafty with it. That's right kids, I'm giving you permission to play with your food thanks to the Yoplait® 1-Up Your Cup movement. After picking up all of my favorite Yoplait® flavors from Walmart I started daydreaming about how to make these cups go from good to great. Here's what I came up with... 

Lets start with the Key Lime Pie Yoplait® Light [a personal favorite]. To give this baby a little more pizzazz I simply added crushed graham cracker crust on top to make it a real pie right in the palm of my hands. So good and so easy. And people thought that dessert had to be full of calories.... 

Next up I took the Blueberry Patch Yoplait® Light and mixed in blueberries, raspberries and granola for a real parfait party. 

Such a fun and easy treat to have either first thing in the morning, as a mid-afternoon snack or as you are winding down at the end of the day watching your favorite show. Be sure to check out the Yoplait® Pinterest board for a lot more delicious 1-Up Your Cup options! 

Make sure to hit up your local Walmart for all of your Yoplait® needs as you get ready to hit the beach in just a few short months. What toppings would you add to your favorite yogurt? I'm already dreaming up my next recipe....

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of General Mills. The opinions and text are all mine.


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