#LIYONADIME - Kohls Edition

top // jeans [similar here - currently buy one get one 50% off] // heels

This whole #LIYONADIME series is turning out to be one of my favorites on this little bloggy blog. It may be because in order to have content for this post I must go shopping and well, I kinda like shopping. It should be noted that this series is most likely my husband's least favorite but you know what they say, WHO CARES. Just kidding ladies, you should care what your man says. Unless it's about your shopping habits. Or your eating habits. Or your need to have a massage every month habits. And same goes for pedicures. But everything else, kinda care about what they say mmmmk?

This week I wanted to focus on some great finds from Kohls because right now there are some stellar deals going on there [shocker, I know] especially if you have a Kohls card. Right now you can use the code FABULOUS30 for 30% off with Kohls charge + free shipping + earn $10 Kohls cash for every $50 spent! Not to mention the pieces that I am featuring today are already discounted so yaaaaaay - it's basically free. And really cute. Winning. Here's my two current favorite items from Kohls -

1. Jennifer Lopez Flyaway Chiffon Top in Rose Cloud - only $20.99 with discount (wearing a size small)

top // jeans [similar here - currently buy one get one 50% off] // heels

Blush is so trendy right now and I gotta admit, I'm diggin' the trend. Just in time for Easter, this color is so soft and feminine. Combine that with the chiffon lightweight fabric and I feel like a little angel [ha] in this top. The flowy front and the fun details on the back make this top an easy go-to all spring season long. 

if you need a great cami to put under this top, I recommend these 

2. Apt 9 V-Neck Graphic Tee - only $12.59 after discount (wearing a size small) 

tee [use code fabulous30 for an additional 30% off the already 50% off price!] 
sandals [currently buy one get one 50% off]

You guys - these graphic v neck tees are EVERYTHING. Between the fit, the sayings, how soft they are...ahhhhh I need every one that they have. At less than $13 a pop, you really can't beat it. While I purchased the "you had me at merlot" tee, they have a ton of other options - here are some of my other favorites...

And there you have it - two of my current favorite finds from Kohls. Don't forget to use the discount code featured above along with your Kohls credit card to take advantage of the other savings! Any specific stores you'd love to see me feature on #liyonadime? Drop me a line below and I will get busy doing my best investigative work ;)



  1. Loving this top! I dont typically shop at Kohls because they have such a huge selection and it stresses me out(: Thanks for picking out a few goodies to share! Susan

  2. That is such acute graphic tee!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. I was really trying hard to pronounce Liyonadime. Is it like lemonade but with liy?

    Then I realized.

    I'm dumb.

    1. This made me giggle :).

      I love these posts too!


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