Girls In The City

This past weekend some girlfriends and I whisked ourselves away for a weekend in the great city of Chicago for some fun and relaxation. Think Sex in the City minus the sex part. We departed on Friday evening to arrive at the W Hotel just in time to bust open the bottles of wine and get all gussied up before our dinner reservations at my all-time fav, RPM Italian

the view from our room // the lake and navy pier

Because I had done what I do best and insta-stalked my girl Giuliana, I knew her and Bill wouldn't be there but happily obliged to go anyway because eating the food there is the most excitement my mouth has almost ever seen. For those of you who have never been, two words - prosciutto tortellini. Four more words - Mama Depandi's Bucatini Pomodoro. Okay fine four more, garlic-whipped mashed potatoes. I'll leave you with two - chocolate cake. What I'm saying is order the entire menu and you'll be fine. 

Saturday morning we woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to eat drink our breakfast at D4 Irish Pub in a freaking booth fit for a queen. Make that five queens. I had never felt more like Princess Kate.

As soon as we were filled to the brim we rushed off to Bliss Spa, located at the W to partake in a few spa treatments which really meant putting oatmeal in our hair and getting chemical peels on my face which made me cry. Beauty I tell you, it sucks. Thankfully my life was totally redeemed in the steam shower which is now what I believe to be the answer to all of life's problems.

Our last evening in the city we ate at Mercadito [try to pronounce it, even your Uber driver won't know how to if you test his abilities, been there done that] which was full of awesome Mexican food and margaritas. From there we went underground to Three Dots and a Dash for cocktails made up of all sorts of exotic things like bananas in the shape of dolphins.

This little guy continued on with us for the remainder of the evening to dance clubs, in trash cans, out of trash cans, thrown back and forth across the bar, and everywhere in between. Unfortunately I woke up in the morning and he was nowhere to be found. If I had to put money on it I'd say I either ate him or lost him. Lets hope it wasn't the first option. 

And that my friends concludes one of the more fun weekends I've had in a long while. Those girlfriends I tell you what, they're good to have around. Mostly because men don't become obsessed with bananas like us ladies do.

And on that awkward note, good-bye.



  1. The food looks and sounds absolutely delicious! Also sounds like you had an amazing time! This definitely makes me want to go out for a girl's weekend.

  2. Wow! That hotel looks amazing and you gals look like you had a ton of fun :) That banana dolphin so cute! totally makes me want to plan a girl's weekend for sure!

  3. I love having girls weekends! You guys looked like you had so much fun! The hotel, spa and restaurant all looked amazing!

  4. This looks like so much fun! And that hanging lamp in the hotel room is amazing! I am in need of a girls trip like this :)

  5. That looks like SUCH a fun weekend -- definitely my idea of the perfect gals getaway!

  6. This was my girls weekend a few weeks ago - staying at the W and eating at RPM. Mama DePandi's Bucatini is everything! Also, did you try the fried Italian donuts? O.M.G.


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