Getting Dressed Up [And Down] With FARFETCH

top // skirt // purse // shoes 

We all know by now that I am typically a cheapskate when it comes to clothing and accessories. I think it came from a quantity over quality mentality that I adapted at an early age. If I only spent $10 on one shirt but had $50 in my pocket it meant that I could buy 5 of them. It didn't mean that I needed 5 but you know, second graders like a bunch of stuff. And then just recently I discovered this awesome website that had SO MUCH STUFF but it had words like "designer" and "luxury" and it was a whole new vocabulary for me to learn but I quickly caught on and liked what I was seeing. 

A few clicks later at FARFETCH and I was pretty much set for life. Because I'm only a fancy person 5% of my life I stuck with 5% fancy and 95% casual items. I gotta say though, I think the fancy wins. Lets start with these Sam Edelman Dayna Pumps, also known as the most comfortable pair of sexy heels I've ever worn. 

I could wear these babies all day which is exactly why I did.

Of course heels don't really stand a chance against sneakers. And so that's why I snatched up these New Balance 996 Sneakers which are laced in gold [it's gotta be real right? ;)]

So I've been on a hunt recently for a good spring and fall jacket because for years I have had absolutely zero. I either sweat in a heavy winter coat or I freeze in nothing. When I laid my eyes on this Herno Classic Trench Coat I was all "yessssssssssssssss". I tell you what people, quality stuff that coat is. The label alone makes me feel like a royal princess. If you see me in this from here on out well, just know I'm happy.

Oh. And now I own a Coach purse apparently which means I truly am an adult. Or at least a senior in high school because I'm pretty sure every one of those had a designer purse before me. It turns out that designer also means "won't fall apart after one use" so the hype, I get it now.

Last but certainly not least, the shoes I have been sporting the most recently - these Michael Kors slip-ons that are as comfortable as they look. I wore these babies all over Chicago this weekend and I want them in every color now. Remember that whole quantity thing. Still not over that mentality apparently. 

[all photos shot by the beautiful and talented tina herschberger photography / my blog would be so lame without her] 

If you couldn't tell from above, if you are looking for ANYTHING and I mean anything, FARFETCH is your place. Did I mention that these items shipped from places all over the world [literally - Italy, Poland, etc] and arrived in TWO days. It's magic. Check it out and get down with your shopping self. 

disclosure // thank you FARFETCH for partnering for today's post. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't look nearly as cool.



  1. Oh my gosh... those Sam Edelman pumps are absolutely everything! Checking out Farfetch right now ;)

  2. I love the trench! I've been trying to get SF to send me one. Then I looked it up on FarFetch about about fell over by the price!

  3. Just received these and ran in them today. I really like these. I have quite a few pants, I do a fair amount of running and I'm very happy with the price and quality of these. I sure have paid a lot more for comparable ones. Best workout clothes for me.


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