Up, Up, And Away [In-Flight Carry On Necessities]

It's about that time! Because I can't seem to get enough of California lately I'm getting ready to hop on a plane this weekend and bask in the sunshine and 90 degree temps they have been having [fist pounds and high fives el nino] for the next week. I was so excited to get the heck out of here that I decided yesterday to move my flight up a day because YOLO ya know? Well that and In-N-Out. 

Over the past year or two I have become quite the pro at figuring out exactly what I need to keep me entertained, feeling good and looking what we are going to deem "average" while flying in the open skies. I mean lets be real, can anybody be truly gorgeous while stuck on a germ infested dry airplane? Shut up Kardashians, you don't count. Lets start with the most important thing while flying, hydration. 

A bottle of water or two, lotion and lip balm are key for your carry on. Things get dry up in that plane and ain't nobody got time for that. I was so excited when I found out that Vaseline just launched their new lip therapy tins in the U.S. [available at Target both in-store and online!] because not only are they the perfect size for throwing in your bag or tucking away in your pocket, they work like a champ. Not to mention they come in a variety of flavors and tints ranging from original to cocoa butter to rosy lips and a few others in between. 

Smooth like butter, non-sticky on your hands, packed with moisture and ultra hydrating, the Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins are a travel must-have. Because all great things are worth celebrating, a cake was obviously necessary for this lip tin release. Make sure to pick up a tin or four at Target next time you're there [so like, today].

Moving on from hydration, next up we have the entertainment and tech must-haves. Because buying movies and paying for wi-fi while thousands of miles in the sky isn't always the most cost effective option, I download movies on my tablet prior to my trip so that I have them to watch on the plane. Headphones, cell phone, camera and my portable charger to keep all of the above running and those four hour flights to the West Coast fly by. Pun intended. Note to the wise: maybe forego downloading sad movies because it gets real awkward real fast when you are that girl sobbing next to a stranger. Moving on now.

Because you never know when a great idea may strike, I make sure to have a notebook and pen handy to write down all of my genius thoughts [and by that I mean draw stick figures of cats and dogs horribly wrong]. In addition to the notebook, I don't ever step foot on a flight without a pack of antibacterial wipes [germophobe over here], business cards [you never know who you may strike up a conversation with], sunglasses for when I land, and of course, snacks. A girl's gotta eat am I right or am I right? I recommend taking something with protein that will leave you satisfied and not feeling like trash. For me that's beef jerky because for me, that's the answer to everything. A pack of gum and perhaps some all natural stress relief pills and I'm all set! 

[all photos shot by tina herschberger photography]

And on that note, I'm off. What's on your list of must-have carry on necessities? I've got room for potentially one more thing in my bag...ready, set, go. 

disclosure :: thank you Vaseline for providing me and my lips with your new lip tins, they couldn't be happier with you right now. 



  1. I'm more interested in the pretty blue bag itself - where is it from?

  2. Love this blog! My bag pretty much looks the same so it makes me feel better that I'm not the only one who had things in their bag for any situation (i.e. paper and pen to draw stick figures and butterfly's ;) ). And it has to be organized while I travel. It just makes me feel better if everything is nice and neat in it. Now my every day purse....that's another story lol

  3. I love the new Vaseline lip tins, so great! I also am a big fan of downloading things onto my devices before traveling. Thanks for sharing!!

    toast the girl almighty

  4. Your sense of humor never gets old. Can we talk about this Vaseline cake? Did it taste like petroleum jelly, or chocolate? Important questions hahaha.

    Coming Up Roses

  5. Have fun in Cali!! I love keeping my lips from being dry and chapped, I'll have to check those out!

  6. Wait, but like, I NEED a Vaseline tin with my name on it....

  7. I'm headed to Cali this week - for the first time!! I cannot wait. Honestly? I usually also stash a travel size deodorant in my bag because there's nothing worse than needing to freshen up mid travel and not having something like that with you!! Lately I keep a few of my favorite oils in my bag, and if it's a long haul flight I'll have face wipes too, for the same reason - wiping the travel ick off. Have fun on your trip!!

  8. I love your bag, where is it from??

  9. Where'd you get that bag? I love it!


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