Stitch Fix Reveal #44 // Winter Wear [And A $50 Stitch Fix Giveaway!]

jeans [similar here and here] // shoes

I know, I can't believe it either. Another Stitch Fix reveal already? Months fly by when you're having fun people [also read: when you are getting older and have to do things like work and make dinner.] Because winter is still in full swing over here in Indiana, I asked for a couple more warm pieces that I could bundle up in [preferably a poncho or two!], a few fun tops to go out in, and a great leather black leather jacket. I have learned that the more specific I get about what items I'm actually wanting, the better my fixes seem to be. I also think that after 44 fixes, my stylist has a pretty good idea of what flies with me and what doesn't. Because this post is long enough thanks to my massive photos [sorry for the scrolling] we'll get right to it. Don't forget that I am giving away a $50 Stitch Fix gift card down at the bottom so be sure to make your way alllllllll the way down there to get in on the action. 

Before we begin - here are a few words about Stitch Fix and how it all works for you virgins out there [it's okay, I won't tell anybody].

1. You start by filling out your style profile - you will complete all sorts of questions on sizing, pricing, preferences, colors, etc. You can also write notes about likes/dislikes. Make sure to link your fashion board on Pinterest so your stylist can see what you like!

2. Order your first fix! Your card will be charged a $20 styling fee however, if you keep any item [one or more] you will be credited back the $20. Because of this I always recommend keeping at least one item or you are essentially giving away $20 for nothing in return. You will receive 5 items [made up of clothing, jewelry, and handbags, whatever you prefer]. I personally only want clothing in my fix so I just always let my stylist know! 

3. Decide what you want to keep and what you want to send back [in a postage paid envelope]! You have 3 business days to do so - use this time to try everything on, see what you have in your closet that pairs well with it and don't be afraid to say yes to something that you wouldn't normally. That's what makes Stitch Fix so fun! If you keep all 5 items you will receive 25% off your entire fix, winning! 

It should be noted that while I have chosen to receive monthly fixes, this is in no way a subscription service and you are able to decide when you want another fix, whether that be in 6 months or 2 years from your first fix! As always, if you ever have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments section below. 

Here we go! Remember - If you see anything that you like below, feel free to pin away and/or ask your stylist in the notes section of your next fix for something similar! I am the queen of copying other fixes! 

1. RD Style Josh Cowl Neck Pullover Sweater - Small - Kept 

This was an absolute yes for me at first touch. Talk about soft, oh my word. Add in the cowl neck [anybody else out there obsessed with cowl necks - I love having all of that snuggly goodness up near my face] and the grey ombre and I was sold, hook line and sinker. The length is also awesome for pairing with leggings which happens to be one of my favorite things to do #teamnopants.

2. Skies Are Blue Raley Embellished Neckline Blouse - Small - Returned

And now I am kinda kicking myself for returning this green gem. The color is perfection and I was so excited about the cut out details around the neck. The only reason I sent it back is because of those cut outs that I love so much - they force you to have to wear a strapless bra and the chances of me doing so to work or really anytime ever are slim to none. Because it wasn't going to be an "easy" piece to throw on, I sent it back. BUT YOU GUYS. THAT COLOR. 

3. Blank NYC Lettie Faux Leather and Knit Drape Jacket - XS - Kept 
coated pants // heels // tank [out of the leopard print but is available in other color options and the cut is absolute perfection, ordering more as we speak!]

This one was pretty much a no brainer for me. I am in need of a black leather jacket that I can throw on and this one is perfect for any season. I love the mixed fabrics of leather and knit and the drapey front. When zippered, it is asymmetrical which always makes my heart a little happy. I will be wearing this bad boy on repeat. 

4. H&C Collection Buehler Lace Detail Knit Top - Small - Returned 

While cute and fine, this shirt did really nothing for me. I don't know if it's the color, the lightweight fabric, or what but I knew right away this one would unfortunately be going back to its home at Stitch Fix. The lace detail is fun but you win some, you lose some - this shirt lost. 

5. RD Style Tessi Poncho Pullover - Small - Kept 

jeans [similar here and here] // shoes

And that I am deeming to be the best for last - this fabulous oh so warm wonderful poncho. I love these things for the fact that zero sucking in is required, they make you look and/or feel like you know how to dress somewhat trendy, and they are just so freaking comfortable. If you see me wearing this in every picture from months ranging from November - March, consider yourself warned. 

And that completes my 44th fix! 3 keepers, 2 returns - all in all an awesome fix and I can't wait to receive my next one! 

Alright, time for that giveaway - the only mandatory entry is that you fill out your free style profile with Stitch Fix, so if you have already done that - consider yourself golden! If you haven't, jump on it and then enter away!



  1. Ah Erin! I received the same RD Josh Cowl in my last fix! Super comfy! ( Instagram kier2123)

  2. I love the jacket! And the blue shirt looks like the comfiest thing ever.

  3. All of these pieces are so great! I've tried Stitch Fix before, and not everything was super "me". I guess it pays off to really stick with it and get a Stylist that learns your style! This was a great unboxing, thanks for sharing!

    toast the girl almighty

  4. That leather jacket -hhheeeyyyy hottie!

  5. that faux leather jacket is amazing!! i love the green blouse too but i always feel like if i have to wear a special bra for an everyday outfit, that it's not really worth it :/ haha!

  6. Love that jacket! I pinned it so perhaps I'll see something in my next fix.

  7. I love the way you style your items. I'm not a cowl neck fam but that poncho may convert me. Love this.

  8. Erin! Can I just say you look amazing in everything you wear!!!! ��������

  9. Done! Expecting a fix next week!

  10. LOVE the cowl neck!!! I have so many sweaters like that and they are totally my favorites. I have fix #4 coming next week and I'm so excited!

  11. You look amazing in each piece. Thanks for sharing each month. I love the reveals! I just got my 2nd fix and I am loving Stitch Fix so far! (Please delete if this is a second comment by me. Not sure what happened to the first? lol) thanks Rori

  12. Pinned _ https://www.pinterest.com/pin/328129522831716134/

  13. I love them all on you and I love your hair!!

  14. I love everyone of these outfits...

  15. oh wow! what a fabulous assortment/fix! this would be a set that would make me super happy- yet super sad because I would not have been able to afford all of it lol! I have never tried getting a fix before. I did have a style profile already set up. can you let me know if I am supposed to click your link and make another one or if one is okay- I gave you the email for the one I already had.

    anyway- my favrorite pieces are the cobalt blue lace top= omg it's so me - I can't believe you didnt keep it! It looks stunning on you! (and that's why I want it, because we have similar coloring0. But I also know what you mean about how something might look good but if it just doesn't 'feel' right and you know you're not going to wear it- don't spend the money on it. (it's making me wonder if I got it, if I would not have liked it tried on...) all I know is I think you should have kept it because it is perfect on you! my 2nd fave piece is that gorgeous turquoise blouse. I wear blouses like that daily and that one would be different with the color and the slits- I would die for the top! at first I was like 'how could she return it' but I get what you're saying about the strapless bra thing- I hate them, and I have small boobs anyway so depending on how the bra fits I makes a funny look to my chest also.
    tied for 2nd place is that AMAZING black leather drape jacket- I need it now! omg it is perfect! that was an obvious choice to keep! :)
    love the last turtleneck poncho- I do not have a poncho- I actually like this one tho!
    I really really like the pants that you have on with the first sweater! but that was my least favorite piece. I do not wear things like that and that would have been a definite return for me- but your pants in that pic rock as well as your coated pants.
    you have great style and these stitch fix reviews are starting to me a post I look forward to!

  16. I follow you on Instagram as Angelasnoozy which is different than my username on the giveaway form, but there is no box to leave my Instagram username.

  17. I pinned this giveaway! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/160440805453724284/

  18. I love what you got, the poncho is so cute. But THE SHOES. Your shoes are fabulous!

  19. What style do you have in your profile? I tried to have them send me some of the things based upon the style they send you and I do no not love everything. Thanks.


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