Reality Can Suck It. Or "Hi! I'm Home!"

Well, the good news is we made it home safe and sound. The bad news is that means we are now home. For some reason California is always the hardest place for me to leave - whether it be the constant sunshine, the beautiful scenery everywhere your head turns, or the build your own ice cream sandwich spot, it's a struggle to want to escape from. I literally had a stomachache the whole morning we traveled home and while I don't think it was because of the ice cream sandwiches - you know what, never mind. I think it was.

hashtag worth it. 

It's especially a struggle to return when you now have 1400 loads of laundry to do and 900 pictures to edit. I shouldn't exaggerate like that - I only have 8 loads of laundry and 897 pictures to edit. My bad. I may have already priced airline tickets to go back in the short 24 hours we've been home but then I ordered beef jerky in bed late at night instead so that's kinda comparable. Whatever it takes to keep a smile on our faces, ya know.

While I can't wait to share our daily California adventures with you [believe me, you'll be getting the play by play, my apologies in advance] I've got things to go do - like sleep, because this 3 hour time difference thing is jacked up. Exciting things happening over here this week between hometown dates tonight on The Bachelor and my sister deciding to give birth to her baby boy this coming Friday. I'm also daydreaming up ways I can be a "Southern California Vacation Planner" (think travel agent but on a much smaller and specific scale), so if you're thinking about visiting the best place on earth any time soon, hit me up, I'm your girl. Promise. 

K, that's all for now. See you all back here tomorrow, same time same place. Peace. 



  1. The Baked Bear is the most fantastic thing ever...so glad you were able to experience it!!!

  2. That build your own ice cream sandwich place sounds like the most brilliant idea in the world. Why didn't I think of that!?

  3. Love hearing about your trips. You always say how much you eat and your photos of food look awesome but how come you never look like you gain weight?! You look amazing always! Share your secret 😘

  4. I want to visit California so badly! Now that I've seen that ice cream sandwich I want to go even more! Can't wait to hear all about your trip.

  5. 1400 loads of laundry...lol, sometimes I feel like laundry just never ends! hope you had a good trip!

  6. Welcome back to good ole Indiana! My nephew is due in a couple of weeks. I have 2 nieces like you. I am so excited!!!

  7. That ice cream sandwich is so beautiful, lol ;) Have a great weekend <3

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