#LIYONADIME // Old Navy Edition

Here ye, here ye - it's time for another glorious round of #LIYonadime, President's Day Sale style. Finally, something good about politics - SALES ON ALL OF THE IMPORTANT THINGS! Clothes! Shoes! Furniture! Cheese! 

I recently had an afternoon where I had a lot of crap that I should have been doing but decided "screw the crap! lets shop at Old Navy and eat chicken nuggets and waffle fries instead!" I've learned that screwing crap can be quite fun despite how unappealing it may sound, try it sometime - I think you'll like it. Old Navy has always been one of those stores that I can either walk in and hit the jackpot or walk out empty handed. I am very selective over what I purchase there as the fits and fabrics can sometimes be difficult so when I found these items below, tried them on, and fell in love with them I knew they were winners that you needed to know about. So here we are friends. 

Lucky for you, now they are all on sale [everything is at least 15% off!] unlike when I bought them so good job, you win. 

1. Chiffon-Hem Sweater Tank - only $7.65!
tank - I'm wearing a small 

I love this little tank - it's a sweater fabric on top and chiffon on the bottom. Available in both grey and green, I wish I would have bought both. I know I will be wearing this baby on repeat and have it in my bags for San Diego as we speak! For under $8 you can't beat it peeps. 

shirt (wearing a small) // jeans similar here -25% off with code PRES // boots similar here and here - 25% off with code PRES

Spring is on its way and this lightweight tunic is where it's at. Available in several colors and the perfect fit, it's perfect over a cami and the tunic length is great in the crotch covering department if you're into that sorta thing.

3. Pardon My French Sweatshirt //
sweatshirt (wearing a small) // chambray shirt // jeans similar here -25% off with code PRES // shoes similar here - 25% off with code PRES

For all of you potty mouths out there, this sweatshirt is for you. It's fun, it's soft, it's a sweatshirt. What more do you need?

cardigan (wearing a small) // tank // similar here -25% off with code PRES // shoes similar here and here - 25% off with code PRES

This cardigan though guys. It's everything that you need in a sweater to wear over your favorite tops and tanks. It has a waffle-knit shawl collar and is loose enough while still form flattering. Mama loves this one. I'm the mama in this equation.

And last but not least, the jewels in today's post from Metal Marvels. This ring and bracelet are two of the newest additions to my jewelry collection and you guessed it, I love em'. 

ring // only $14
bracelet // only $12

I'm a sucker for good deals. What's your favorite #LIYonadime item today?

[all photos shot by tina herschberger photography]



  1. I actually just did quite the haul from Old Navy last weekend. My wardrobe needed a refresh for basic tees and tanks, plus a couple of open cardigans. They had some really great deals going on!

  2. Those all look amazing! I just ordered the sweatshirt because it's so fun . . . I don't have very many and I'm always wishing I did on cold yoga pants days!

  3. I can't believe you found these looks at Old Navy! I definitely need to wander in there more often. These are perfect for spring. Thanks for sharing! I'm glad you screwed the crap! :)

    toast the girl almighty

  4. Holy goodness. You never cease to amaze me with how beautifully you style our jewels 😍❤️

  5. The Pardon My French is so cheaky, I wish I could wear something like that to work!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes


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