#LIYONADIME // $25 and Under Heels Edition

It's no lie that I have been on a major shoe kick recently. I don't know what has gotten in to me because shoes haven't really ever been my thing [personally I'm more of a wine or vodka girl], but all of a sudden I have realized the impact that an awesome pair of shoes can have on your outfit. It really is a drab to fab type of thing. Because I'm not a heels every day type of girl [can I get a fist pump for the good ole classic flat] I don't like spending a small fortune on these shoes that I will be wearing occasionally. Sorry red soles, you will probably never be on the bottom of my feet. I recently hit the cute heels jackpot at Charlotte Russe and purchased all 3 pairs that you will see in today's blog post for under $60 total. Tested and approved, I wore these for hours on end walking around all day at Alt Summit and held up perfectly fine with my feet still in tact. Lets take a look at this beauties.

Side note :: Currently Charlotte Russe is running a deal where when you buy one pair of shoes [or a dress!], you get a second pair for $10. Use the code RMN10FEB and you'll get 10% off your order. PLUS spend $50 or more and you'll receive free shipping. Phew, okay carry on now.

1. Super Strappy Ankle Cuff Pumps

I am so into the ankle strap trend so when I found these bad boys, I knew I wanted them. Awesome with dresses or black skinny pants or leggings, I love the pop of gold around the ankles. For less than dollars, you can't beat it. 

2. Leopard Print Ankle Strap Pumps

I heard recently that leopard print is the new neutral and I couldn't agree more. You either love or hate the animal print trend and I am definitely on team love. I have worn these several times now and have received compliments every time. While they look great with the basic black clothing pieces, they look even more awesome with bold colors - think royal blues, vibrant purple and bright white. And for under $17, they are a no brainer. Meow.

3. Studded Strappy Pointed Toe Pumps [available in multiple colors]

There's just something about a little stud action that makes you feel like a baller and that you actually know how to dress yourself. The bright pink doesn't hurt either. I love that I can throw these on with a pair of boyfriend jeans, my favorite white tee, maybe some fun lipstick and BAM - ready to roll. 

Which heels are your favorite? Classic black, leopard or bright pink?

flats // basic black // black with gold straps // pink // leopard
[photos by tina herschberger photography]

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  1. How do the Charlotte Russe heels run? I have wide feet and normally wear 8.5

    1. I typically wear a size 8 and ordered 8 in all of these and they fit well! In the black with gold I probably could have done a 7.5! I do have narrow feet and they all fit great, so I am not sure how they would be for wide! They may have reviews on the site that could also help?

    2. Charlotte Russe doesn't do half sizes :(. One down side to their shoes but otherwise they are always so cute!

  2. Leopard will always be a big HELL YES for me.

  3. Wait, under $25 is like stealing! So amazing, thanks for sharing. All of them are so cute!

    toast the girl almighty

  4. Um. SO in love with all of these options! I've been in a shoe funk lately, but these are great! Thanks for sharing.

    Erin, Attention To Darling Blog

  5. I have a major thing for shoes. I'd be happy with wearing the same seven outfits each week if it meant I could have more shoes. However, I just can't do cheap heels. While they all look cute, I've found that there's a major difference in comfort between cheap heels and expensive heels. I used to wear heels every day when I was a teacher and would be on my feet seven hours straight, and it it weren't for my Michael Kors and Jeffrey Campbell's, I'd never have been able to get away with it...haha!

  6. Nice shoes, and your legs are just beautiful.


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