I Wear My Heart On My Wrist

You know those days where you look at your schedule and you are all "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Wide open! I'll dominate every item on my to-do list and more!" and then come 8 pm you are drinking a glass of wine trying to keep your eyes open as you are just beginning to tackle the first item on that stupid to-do list. Hi, welcome to my day. I blame dinner. Dinner is so lame sometimes. It's all like "make me! I'm easy! I won't take that long!" and then four hours in you've got mayonnaise all over the front of your shirt, boiled over chicken pieces all over the stove and nothing actually prepared ready to eat. Whoever invented this whole "cooking" thing obviously had no life. And so now I have no life.

I think I'm done complaining now. Only because the longer I keep it up the longer that means I have to stay awake annnnnnnnnnnnnd well I'm not really feeling it. Sleep, I want you, I need you, I desire you, I crave you, I love you. And then I started making out with my pillow.


Oh right, how I wear my heart on my wrist. So I recently discovered Keep Collective which is a fun, new jewelry company created by the founders of Stella & Dot. It is totally customizable so that you can design a piece that tells your story or fits your style. In my case, I chose not just my initials (ES) but also the initials of my husband and I, (ES). It's convenient you see when you marry somebody who has the same first letter of their first name as their last name. Depending on the day you can wear the two letters and be either in love with yourself or in love with your husband. Basically I decide in the morning after I see if he pushed in his bar stool at the center island or not as to who I want it to represent that day. Anyhow, you create your KEEPsake (punny right?) by choosing a keeper (which is the bracelet or necklace and is also punny) and adding the keys (aka charms). The keys slide on and off so that you can create different looks any time you want which is super thrilling if you like change a lot. MEEEEEEE. 

I went with the basic black leather band, the wide leather cuff to give it a little dimension, the geo cut out letters and the palm leaf key because who doesn't love a good palm in their life? 

Because it would be boring if there weren't any fun incentives for you today, my girl Beth has agreed to host a little somethin' somethin' for you all today. Now through 02/29, for anybody who makes a purchase (of any dollar amount) will be entered to win an additional $75 in KEEP credit. Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Killer deal if you ask me. They have so many options you could go absolutely nuts with. Just click here to build your own items and shop! For all sorts of fun ideas and combinations, be sure to check out Beth's Facebook or Instagram page

This jewelry right here? Definitely a keeper ;) 

Good night. Sweet dreams. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............


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