Hello From Cali [And That Time I Was Almost On The Bachelor]

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Good morning from the bright, sunny, 90 degrees state of California! I gotta say, every single part of me is questioning why I subject myself to the negative temps, snow-filled yards and icy roads every winter. I feel like there is no sense of reality around these parts because hello, it's February and it's 90. They have things like sunsets over the ocean, ice cream shops on every corner and cute little kids who run around in swimsuits like it's the only thing they have to do.

We're currently staying at the Lakehouse Hotel and Resort which is one of our favorite spots in Southern California. From here we are headed to Tower23 in San Diego and I can't wait to experience the ocean from our balcony. For now we've been busy sleeping poolside and eating an abundance of chips and salsa because what else are you supposed to do on vaca? 

Also, can we just talk about the bachelor for a second? Last night was the episode that I was at during the filming of it all [remember the bar scene with Lauren B that lasted a whole one second? I was there creeping around in the background]. 

The big takeaway from that experience? Ben is amazing, his friends are so real and sweet, and Lauren looks incredibly young in person. Aside from Ben not giving me a rose that evening [I couldn't believe it either], it was fun to be a part of the experience - side note: my friends and I sat in that bar for over 7 hours people, 7. They played ONE FREAKING SECOND of that scene. Anyhow, now I'm curious to know who you are rooting for. My top three are Lauren, JoJo [love her], and Amanda. If you know who wins, keep your mouth shut or I will throw a sledge hammer at my computer. Thank you. 

Okay, that's all of the important stuff for now. Back to the pool to sweat my head off and develop really awesome tan lines. For more vacation fun, make sure you are following along on Snapchat [it's true, I have an account now. I think my username is erinschrader but I'm not even sure because that's how good I am at it], Instagram, or Facebook. See you all there! 



  1. I LOVE your blog and I LOVE that you are into the Bachelor!! I am personally loving JoJo...she's been a top runner for me from the beginning. Was sad to see Becca go last night. Even though you sat there for 7 hours (that's dedication!), still has to be cool to be part of it!!! :) Enjoy Cali! You look adorable as always!

  2. Ahh have such a fun time in Cali! That dress is so beautiful!

    toast the girl almighty

  3. ah I'm so jealous you got to see some behind the scenes stuff! I'm ridiculous obsessed with The Bachelor, so this would be a dream of mine. :) Have fun in San Diego!! That's one of our favorite places to vacation.

  4. Have so much fun in Cali! I cant believe you were at the bar when they were filming! That's amazing! I really like Lauren B and hope she "wins"!

  5. Oh my goodness, that California sunshine looks incredible!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  6. California native here. It's not all it's cracked up to be honest. We're over crowded and are home to the top 3 worst air quality cities (or counties? not sure) but yes the beaches are nice. And, I miss cable only because I miss the Bachelor... sigh.

    - Katherine Mitchel

  7. I was at the carnival and saw him with Amanda, so I've been rooting for her because association (because obviously we're friends now). Actually, we're not, but her sister did "(heart)" the IG pic I posted of her and Ben at the event. So by now I'm more like family to them, right? Also, the mama's gotta root for the mama. However, I did see a page for her on IMDb (Internet Movie Database), so she's an actress (Merry Christmas Drake & Josh, Cheetah Girls 2, and Bachelor 2002 - what!?), but hey - actresses need love too. So, Amanda. I'm rooting for Amanda :)


    -Ashlee Michelle


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