California Adventures Day 3 // On A Boat

We've made it to day three! Days one and two were a little long and exhausting to look at I'm sure, so today we're going to try to make this approximately two pictures shorter than the previous ones. Not to mention I've got The Voice AND The Bachelor to watch tonight so time is limited. My life is super busy. wink. 

Our third day in California went a little bit like this --- or actually a lot like this. 

Hung out around the hot tub and pool at the Lakehouse until noon or so at which time my girl, Jen, arrived to head off to Newport Beach for the afternoon/evening. 

Here's the really awesome thing about the internet - you meet people on it and it's like totally not creepy. Most of the time. It's so fun to be thousands of miles from home and meet-up with ladies that you have relationships with all because we decided to randomly start a blog one day. Anyhow, we headed off to Billy's on the Beach in Newport for a quick cocktail to get the party started. 

The next item up on the list? A two hour pontoon ride on Newport Bay. Here's a really smart travel tip - a month or so before leaving for whatever destination you may be going to, sign up for either LivingSocial or Groupon in that area. I did this for the San Diego area and we ended up buying 3 different deals prior to our departure, one of which being this awesome pontoon rental that saved us over $150. Holler. The boat was awesome, the scenery was more awesome, and the people who joined us on the boat were the most awesome of all. Thankfully several of my Pollinate co-workers live right in Newport so we said "allllll aboard" and there we were. Sailing away into the sunset, drinks in hand, smiles on our faces, and dance moves all around.

Alissa // Summer // Jen 

The sunset that evening was spectacular, I wish I could have froze that moment for a solid 24 hours. 

We ended the fun-filled evening at Red O in Newport for dinner for a delicious Mexican feast. I'm still dreaming about the guacamole. This was probably one of my favorite days of the vacation because hello, beer, boats, and babes. Does life get any better? I think not...



  1. Looks like such a fun time!! Great pictures!!

  2. What a fun 3rd day, I love Newport and the harbor down there! Try to come at Christmas, they have a boat parade, so pretty.

  3. You're no longer relatable with all these gorgeous trips ;) Ugh I'm so jealous! Enjoy it, girl!


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