California Adventures Day 1

The time has arrived - ready or not, vacation recap posts times twenty is headed your way. I wasn't kidding the other day when I said I took 897 photos. I have this phobia on vacation that if I don't photograph it, I won't remember it. And because I like everything about vacation, I want to document everything on vacation. I'm hoping that there is a support group for this because this woman needs some serious help. Because this post would extend all the way to China [not even exaggerating] if I crammed all of our vacation in one post, I'm going to break it down day by day for you. Or maybe that's for me. Regardless, here we go.

Sunday - our first official day in California. Thanks to Southwest Airlines for being awesome and having zero flight change fees, we decided to head out Saturday evening rather than Sunday evening so we would have an extra full day of sunshine. When you live in Indiana you will go to drastic measures for Vitamin D in the month of February. After waking up in sunny San Diego, it was time to make the one hour drive to our destination for the first part of our trip, Lakehouse Hotel and Resort in San Marcos. Because we weren't in a real hurry, we decided to stop off in La Jolla to visit with all of our beloved seal friends who smell so good. La Jolla is one of those magical places to me that I never want to leave. Well, until the seals start smelling not so good.

Before departing town we stumbled upon this giant love affair of blow-ups and being that it was Valentine's Day I couldn't help but get a little romantic with the ginormous bear that was telling me that it loved me. Love you too boo. 

Next up, duh. IN-N-OUT. If you travel out West and don't eat here at least once, we can't be friends. Double-Double animal style and twenty thousand calories later we were satisfied.

Finally we arrived to our first home for the week, one of our favorite spots in Southern Californa, the Lakehouse Hotel and Resort. We had stayed here one other time and loved every second of our time so it only made sense to go back. I think what I love so much about this place is that it's really quite simple. The property isn't extravagant however they nail the details that they do have. It's warm, inviting, clean, and super chill. Not to mention it's in an awesome central location - you are about an hour North of San Diego, 20 minutes from several cute beach towns [Carlsbad, Oceanside, Encinitas, Cardiff-by-the-Sea,etc] and then a quick one hour drive to Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Balboa Island, etc. You can do as much or as little as you want staying here which is totally our jam. If you are traveling with kids, this is also a great spot as it is close to LEGOLAND and Safari Park. The other huge benefit to this place is that it sits on a lake [hence the name] meaning you can kayak, rent a pontoon, paddle board and more.

We stayed in a Lakeside Lounge room which was huge, super clean, super cozy and had an awesome view of the lake. The yellow Adirondack chairs they have on every balcony is another favorite touch of mine.

After getting completely settled, we ventured off to the pool for some R&R and awkward open mouth sleeping. Before we knew it was time to get cleaned up, enjoy a beer on our balcony while watching all of the lakers and then head out for dinner. 

dress // jacket [my absolute favorite denim jacket, I wear it constantly] // sandals [similar]

And that completes our first day of vacation. Come back tomorrow for a new round of thirty million photos and commentary. It will be fun, promise! 

ps. if you have any questions about our trip or things to do, places to eat, etc just ask! i'd love to help a sister out!



  1. It's not fancy, but go to Pizza Port! So good :) Also, there are a ton of fun breweries in the area too. I love Brewbrothers and Mother Earth. If you go to Mother Earth there is a pizza place across the street, you can go order and they'll bring it to you inside the brewery!

    1. Oh man, we went to Pizza Port last time we were in town and it was so good! Good recommendations, thanks!

  2. This takes me back to CA and makes me miss it so bad! What a great location too. You can't beat it.

  3. Love all those areas you mentioned. It's sad that we rarely go to those places. I guess when you live here you take it all for granted. We have San Diego on our vacation list this year. It's fun to stay in the resorts and then be home quickly after the vacation is over. I don't think anything can top San Diego. I love it. Can't wait to hear about day two.

  4. I've never been to California, but I'm dying to go. The awkward teenager still in me really wants to go to Laguna Beach, because I definitely watched that train wreck.

  5. Wow this place looks amazing! I hope to get out to Cali soon...awesome pictures!

  6. Love the pictures! We are going to have to go on a weekend getaway here, we are not too far either seeing we live in Northern Cali
    P.S. I want to know what the make is of your darling blue handbag!

  7. You are just the cutest! I just started following your blog and am really enjoying it. You bring some Yellow sunshine to my day (excuse the cheese). I have never been to California (we are in Charleston, SC), but your story is making me want to go! Can't wait to hear more.

  8. Looks like lots of fun! We used to go to California pretty regularly and I'm craving a trip. Off to convince the hubby... :)

  9. Oh warm weather and sunshine I miss you! Gorgeous photos. Looks like fun can't wait to read more.

  10. Now I can get down in this joint! Looks like the perfect vaca spot! My hubby is currently getting an ear full about our future trip here!

  11. Awww....you were in my neck of the woods. Glad So Cal treated you good. It usually does!!!


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