Warning :: This Post Contains A Lot of Blue Sky & Sunshine

I don't think that I have made it clear enough yet that I am absolutely head over heels in love with Ben the Bachelor, I mean California so I thought a third and final post from my few days out there in early December was necessary. To make sure I got my point across, I decided to top off the post with roughly three thousand four hundred and ninety-seven photos, hooooray! Who doesn't love a good never ending scroll session on their computer or mobile device anyway? Long live carpel tunnel.

You may recall we stayed at Pelican Hill Resort which is really unfortunate as their grounds are disgusting [insert sarcastic font here]. As you can see below, laying poolside wasn't the worst thing I've ever had to do. It was close, but you know - I survived.

After getting a little pooled out [is there really such a thing?], Jen, Skye and I headed off to do a little sight-seeing, also known as martini drinking down at Crystal Cove in Newport Beach which is such a little gem of a place. During the holidays they decorate the beach for Christmas which makes little Christmas loving freaks super happy. Or maybe it was the martini, whatevs.

To end the already glorious day and the last of our three day Pollinate Christmas party, we all threw on our plaid and cowboy boots, hopped onto our party bus and headed out for an awesome steak dinner [people of Anaheim, hit up The Ranch Restaurant & Saloon] and a night of line dancing. I hadn't ever been to a legit line dancing place but dang, they take their two step seriously.

And that my friends, is the last of my California adventures...until February ;)



  1. I love the Christmas decorations on the beach! You're making me miss CA...stop! ;)

  2. What kind of camera do you use for these gorgeous pictures??

    1. Thank you!! I use a Sony a6000 - I love it so much!


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