The Power of An Organized Closet

A few months ago I was starting to dread every morning when it was time to get in my closet and figure out what to wear for the day - the thing was an untamed jungle with absolutely zero wiggle room to it. Because I couldn't find anything in the mess, I found myself wearing the same few things over and over again that had taken the front and center spotlight placement. After enough hanger fights and repeated outfits I realized it was time to do something about my closet madness. Because my husband accuses me of being the world's biggest hoarder, I knew I needed to call in reinforcement. This is where my friend and personal stylist/closet organizer extraordinaire came into play. I got in touch with Nicole [I have her contact information at the bottom of this post which you will want] and broke the news to her that my closet was making me bat crap crazy. Thankfully, she rushed to my aid and here's what we [okay, she] did. 

1. Because I had been collecting clothes for years that hadn't been worn, were too worn or should have never been worn, I needed an outsiders honest perspective on what I should be keeping and what I should get rid of. A few hours later we had went through every single article of clothing, shoes and accessories and decided either "yay" or "nay". It turned out that I had been holding on to many, many, many things that needed to leave my hands due to either the condition, size, style, etc. I will say that having her, an unbiased opinion who knows a thing or several about fashion, helping me go through this process was insanely helpful. 

2. After clearing out the closets of what needed to go, she went through and moved everything over to a fancy slimline hanger that I am absolutely obsessed with and then organized it all by color and style. This alone freed up so much extra space in my closet but also gave me a much greater view of what I actually have in my closets, from what colors I have a ton of, what I could use more of, if I have too many jackets or need a few more [obviously need more, always.]

3. Because this house is lacking those wonderful walk-in closets that everybody else seems to have, my items take up not just our closet, but also my office closet and our guest bedroom closet. Sorry sweet husband of mine. Here's how they turned out after the massive clean-out and re-organization. Starting with the master bedroom closet - it is in this closet that I now house all of my normal tops along with the shoes that are in season [thanks to Nicole's genius idea for that!] 

Next up, the guest bedroom closet which used to hold all of my mangled jewelry, dresses and jackets. The wonders she did with this...

If you look closely, you will see just how much more space I now have in that closet it's amazing. Bye bye clothes I didn't need! As far as that jewelry, Nicole got creative with a shelf that I had in my office and "decorated" with all of my jewelry which put it all out on display making it now easier to wear.

Last but not least, the office closet. This closet is used for work pants, skirts and sleeveless shirts. This also used to hold every pair of shoes that I owned which had me hopping from closet to closet to get dressed every day. She kept only the out of season shoes in this closet and organized all of the clothing in a way that makes sense unlike before.

4. After getting a good look at what I now had left in my closets, Nicole was able to see what it was that I was missing. I had expressed to her that I wanted to incorporate a few more "mature" work pieces as I have been trying to dress a little more professional and a little less frumpy/comfy at work over the past year. She also realized that I was lacking big time in the basics department so yes, she is responsible for nearly all of these items! After talking budget, she headed out and hit up several stores to find me awesome items to add into my wardrobe and brought it all home for me to try on and see what I wanted to keep and return. This whole personal shopper thing is where it's at, I tell you what. Naturally I loved nearly everything that she chose, so into the organized closets it went!

Working with Nicole was such an awesome opportunity and I am so happy that I chose to invest in her services as they were more than worth it. I now look forward to not just getting dressed everyday but also feel so much more confident in what it is that I am wearing.

If you are in need of a good closet clean out, organization or personal shopper needs Nicole is your girl. She can do the full sha-bang or also offers a la carte options as well [say you need help with dressing for a special occasion, vacation, family photo coordination, etc]. Her fashion skills are backed by her education in both New York and California and truly she knows what she is doing. To get in contact with Nicole to see how she could help you out, you can find her on Instagram [while there, check out her famous dogs account..I die], her blog, Facebook, email [nicolecripestyle@gmail.com] or give her a call at 574-226-2410. Get ready to feel like a whole new woman, believe me - it's amazing what an organized, well dressed wardrobe can do for one's life. Thank you Nicole!



  1. This sounds like a service I desperately need. I tend to hold onto things entirely too long because I think I'll wear it soon or it has sentimental value. My closet is an absolute mess!

    Fizz and Frosting

  2. Cool! I need help with my closet. :-( Can you post pics of you wearing the basics she bought for you? I'd like to see them.

    1. Of course! You can see many of them here: http://www.livinginyellow.com/2016/01/liyonadime-best-basics.html

  3. I have essentially no space in my apartment so I reallyyyy need to do this, thanks for the tips and inspiration! Also, I loveeee slim hangers, I couldn't do it without them!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

  4. I need to find someone like her in Indy!

  5. what did you do with all the items you got rid of? because an Instagram sale would be a great idea!!! -Sara

  6. Oh I so need to do this to my closet. I adore what you did with your purses and jewelry. http://www.thewhimsicalpeony.com

  7. wondering what you did with all the items you removed from your closet.... A LivingInYellow closet sale would be amazing! I love your style!

  8. What did you do with all the clothing you removed from your closets? A LivingInYellow Closet Sale would be awesome! I love your style!!


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