#LIYONADIME - Target Edition

In the spirit of series making an appearance again on the blog [man it felt good to write that Awkward & Awesome post], I've decided to introduce a new one for the year in which I am entitling #LIYonadime. You all spoke and said you would be into a few more fashion on budget type style posts and because I aim to please, here we are. Any excuse to shop, right? While I love to add new pieces into my wardrobe quite regularly, I don't love to spend a ton of money doing so. I am a big believer in the under $25 category and try to choose carefully if I am spending more than that. 

Because I have been spending all of my free time at Target lately, I've decided to show off my recent bank account friendly finds that won't have you spending an arm and a leg just to look cute. I did notice they are offering free shipping on any order over $25 so now's the time to buy right? ;) Here's three entirely different looks I put together from good ole Tarjay.... 

1. Day time out and about outfit
similar :: jeans // boots

Ponchos are my jam so when I spotted this lovely one with a dose of shimmer for under $25, it immediately made its way into my cart. Paired with a simple tank, jeans and booties and waaa-la, good as gold.

2. Netflix and chill outfit
top // jeans // shoes // lipstick

Netflix and chill outfits may be my favorite [not just because they end up just coming off right away, wink wink- ha, so not my life but it's fun to dream] but because absolutely no sucking in is required, white converse are the absolute best and you are allowed to wear things with both pockets and hoods. Winning. This sweatshirt had my name written all over it - well it actually had California written all over it but basically the same thing. A girl's gotta represent her favorite state when it only costs $22 to do so. 

3. Work Day Outfit 
top // pants // shoes // lipstick
pants // shoes 

Because a girl's gotta work to pay for her habits, I'm always on the hunt for professional yet trendy pieces to wear to my job. When I saw this awesome drape front blouse for $23, I kinda wanted it in every color. Unfortunately it wasn't until after I got home and I was in mid-tag ripping mode that I realized I bought an XS instead of a small but ya win some, ya lose some. I think I can still pull it off thanks to the drapey-ness of it all. It was during this same trip that I spotted these killer blue heels and got a little matchy-matchy with things. 

top // pants // shoes
pants // shoes

And that my friends completes the first installment of #LIYonadime. Here's to looking hot while still having lunch money leftover! 

[all photos shot by tina herschberger photography]



  1. Thank you for this! I'm a StitchFix lover but I also love bargain clothes!

  2. I love the poncho! So looking forward to this series!


  3. Very nice! I am new reader :) Target is a black hole for me. SO MUCH CUTE!

  4. Love this!
    These outfits are amazing! Target-#whoknew!

  5. Gorgeous!
    I love the Poncho, it looks beautiful!
    xx from Barcelona

  6. Netflix and chill outfit - it's my most fave one!

    Not Your Type Blog

  7. Looove! Looking forward to this series!

  8. This is probably the best segment ever. Looking fabulous as always!

  9. I love this! I love shopping at Target. You put these outfits together so awesome

  10. It is the rare occasion that I come out of Target without throwing some piece of clothing in my cart. Lots of cute stuff and I have a ton of tanks for layering from there!

  11. Thank you for this !!! Love a Target bargain !!

  12. You look excellent & thanks for the easy links!


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