It's Raining Babies

This past weekend I was lucky enough to host a baby "sprinkle" for my sister and her baby boy to be. Apparently after having a child or two it is no longer a shower but rather a sprinkle - yet I am highly confused because when it came to the gifts it was like a freaking downpour. It turns out that a lot of people love my sister [she's got so many more IRL (that's "in real life" mom and dad) followers than I do, not that I'm keeping track or anything but really] so when her childhood best friend suggested we do something nice for my sister I was all "of course! It will be like NBD right because what it's like 5 people you invite and you have a couple of snacks and easy peasy!"

30 women later and a brunch consisting of egg souffle, sausage hashbrown casserole, coffee cake, cocktail wieners, fruit, cheese, cookies, yogurt, other pastries, mimosas and Bellinis, punch and the list goes on - it was a big ole fashioned party.

Don't be fooled, I totally hired those cookies out. Mine would have all had little boy parts on them or something, bakeries are so much more mature and fancy than I am thankfully.

side note: these new Snickers Crisper things are amazing and I can't stop eating them

Being that this baby is a boy and all, I went with navy and gray for decor purposes and then quickly realized it was looking more like a spaceship party than anything else but whatcha gonna do ya know? My "Oh Baby" balloons unfortunately arrived an hour after the party ended so that was fun. Apparently that whole "planning in advance" thing isn't for me.

Regardless of the decorations or lack thereof, it was an awesome couple of hours sprinkling my sister with love. Watching her as a mother already to her two adoring daughters is so much fun, I can't wait to see what this little boy will bring to the mix. Probably a lot of pee all over the place, you're right.

 the big sisters anxiously awaiting the gift opening by stuffing their faces with cookies
 my contribution to the little mans wardrobe - all found here [and on sale! winning!]
 my beautiful sis with us two hostesses

Sis, if you couldn't tell already - you are so beyond loved. Now, who else is ready to have a baby? I've still got chilled champagne ready to pour - bring it on babies. 

special thanks to tina herschberger photography for all of these great photos - a real gem she is



  1. This looked like a great shower! I love parties with great food and and great friends more than a ton of people and too much cheesy decorations. Anyways I'm throwing my sister a baby shower for her first child in May and I'm wondering if yall played any games; and if so, which ones did the guests enjoy. Thanks!

    1. We kept it super simple and didn't play any games - just food and presents :) two hours and everybody was in and out! Good luck hosting your sisters, have fun!!

  2. What a fun shower! I love cute but simple parties.

    -Ashlee Michelle

  3. Beautiful party--I have never heard of a "sprinkle." Kinda hilarious really since it seems no different from a shower! I have two girls & then we had a boy--it is so fun!

  4. beautiful and cozy party!

    Love it :) Also I love your living room it looks so colorful and cute!

    I'm sure it was a great party.

    xx from barcelona


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