Currently I'm....

Throwing a fit about: Packing. It will forever be the death of me. Until I actually do die from it and then I guess yeah, it was was the death of me. My obituary will read something to the extent of "she couldn't decide between the regular black leggings or the pleather black leggings. It was all too much for her to handle and she collapsed right in the middle of the mound of clothing that would have never fit into her suitcase."

Reading: We Were Liars for book club. I committed to reading every book this year and they did me a huge favor when selecting a young adults book for January. I started it yesterday and I'm hooked already. It's crazy what not being on technology can do for your brain. I'm not sure if you realize this [because I didn't] but did you know that not everything you put in front of your face actually scrolls? Like this book, I have to physically turn the page with my finger and not just swipe down. It's so weird, I'm still getting used to it. I'll report back if this behavior from the book continues. 

Listening to: The Biebs. I've recently realized that if you are a bro'd out douche bag, I'm going to love you. Or at least your music. Between him, Sam Hunt, Florida Georgia Line [and the list goes on] I've got a huge line-up of men who wear tunics and what appear to be Piko tops as pants blasting through my speakers. 

Thinking: That my husband is absolutely crazy for committing to losing 12 pounds in the next 60 days. It more so just ticks me off that now he is going to expect me to do ridiculous things like eat a salad and not chocolate. It's bad enough knowing he ordered a scale for our home today. A SCALE. Who owns those and why!? My life is doomed forever. Peace out french fries and key lime pie, it's been way too real. He's on the treadmill as we speak. I didn't even think he knew we owned a treadmill. Miracles - they are happening and I am not happy about it. 

Looking forward to: The Bachelor which starts in an hour. Have I professed my love for Ben yet on this blog? If not, I LOVE BEN HIGGINS. Not necessarily the same type of love that I have for my husband, but the kind of love that is real, deep, passionate, I'd do anything for him type of thing. Not that cheap kind of lust that you would develop from just watching somebody on TV. You guys, that was a joke. I love my husband more than Ben on every day other than Monday. And maybe Tuesday mornings. 

Drinking: Corona Light. Soon I'm about to get real crazy and switch over to half-calf coffee. It is 7 pm on a Monday night after all. 

Daydreaming about: The 80 minute hot stone massage I am getting as soon as I arrive to Salt Lake City on Wednesday. Nothing says "welcome" like a stranger rubbing stones all over your body. 

Wanting: Somebody to come pack for me, stat. My life is the only thing on the line, NBD. 

Feeling: Tired and defeated. it's the beer's fault. Just wait until this coffee hits my system...PARTY ALL NIGHT.

Confused about: How I didn't get anything worthwhile done today. I had the entire day off to get caught up on things and then BAM, 5 o'clock rolls around and dinner is being made and I'm all like "uh oh..I think I was supposed to accomplish something before dinner today." But then I look down and see my pretty nails and I quickly remember it's their fault for needing to get all manicured and pedicured up today instead of doing work. Darn them. 

Patiently waiting for: Popcorn to get in my mouth. As soon as I finish this coffee it's game on.

What are you currently eating/thinking/wishing/needing/etc?



  1. I love these! Could this be a possible link-up/Blog-Hop?

  2. Seriously...packing is the WORST! A hot stone massage sounds amazing!! Enjoy SLC...that's where my sisters are living now and it's so fun.

  3. Great post! Going to Florida in a week for vacation - don't even mind packing, just want to get away from all this cold weather! I knew I was reading my kindle waaaaay tooooo much when I was reading a 'regular' book the other day and I was totally into it - when I touched the page and expected it to flip to the next page. Seriously! I'd forgotten how to read a book:)

  4. I don't mind packing as much as I hate unpacking - so much laundry!

  5. We were liars is one of my MOST fave reads. I'm 200% sure that the last plot twist is going to turn you upside down emotionally!

    Not Your Type Blog

  6. Haha! Yes, who would have thought everyone would love Justin Beiber like we do now?

  7. I did a Currently post today too. www.melanieks10.blogspot.com

    I chuckled on every single point; especially the loving Ben. The passionate kind.

  8. I've been wanting to join a book club...would there be a way to join yours via the web?

  9. I love these kinds of posts . . . it's cool to see what everyone else is up to. And while I'm not a Bachelor fan, I'm a HUGE Justin Bieber fan, especially since he's on a mission to turn himself around. I saw him at the Jingle Ball and have tickets for his Purpose tour in April. Yeah, old lady fan girl. I use my 10 yer old daughter as my "excuse!"

  10. Packing is the pits!! BUT-I will say I have gotten so much better about not having a complete anxiety ridden melt down every time I do it. The more I do it the less stressful it is. The upside is you get to GO somewhere!!!

  11. Hi Erin! I just found your blog and I'm in love with it!! It was your "About Me" page that hooked me! I appreciate your realness. :) Also, you're completely right, packing IS the worst (and so is unpacking)!


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