Alt Summit, Now What?

Now that I am settling back into reality after a few incredible days at Alt Summit in Salt Lake City I'm feeling the following ways: 

1. Full - mentally and emotionally but mostly physically #eatingproblems
2. Tired yet energized
3. Inspired but overwhelmed
4. Confident yet frustrated 
5. Alone but so very connected 

As you can see, I'm all over the place. Any time I connect with others in this online space it fills my cup up in the best way possible but leaves a yearning for more. I'm in this awkward stage of holding on to everything I just experienced but stuck on where to go from here. I was able to hear some of the most amazing women speak [Sarah Michelle Gellar, Meg Keene, Jasmine Star, Jihan Zencirli and Elle Luna just to name a few] and walked away with SO much valuable information, new friends and plenty of ideas but here I am. Sitting in my office, just me and my dog, music playing staring at a blank computer screen thinking "well, crap. what now?"

My goal is to stop settling for average. Knowing that these people who spoke in front of me, they were once where I was yet they not only believed in bigger things but they made them happen as well. Sometimes I struggle with that whole doing thing and it turns out that's somewhat of an important piece to the puzzle. While I am so fortunate to have this space not only as a hobby but a business as well, there is so much more to be had, experienced, learned, etc. I realize it's a journey and not an overnight thing but these past few days, they provided me the thirst for the adventure.

Cheers to whatever the heck it is I will be doing next, but for now - this is good enough and I will count every single blessing [talking about you, you and you] who allow me to do this crazy thing. 

And now, for pictures. More to come I'm sure  ;) 

the grand america hotel was our home for the conference - not a bad home at all 
my travel mate, friend, and boss - alissa
 dress [similar here and here and here] // shoes
sweater [similar here and here] // leggings // shoes

Obviously I had no fun at all, like at all. Until next year....



  1. What brand is your cream sweater? It's beautiful!!!

  2. Looks like you had a great time! It's always scary and exciting to come home with all the new ideas from classes.

  3. I am so jealous, it sounds amazing!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes


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