A Few Glasses of Champagne Later & A New Year Was Here!

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And just like that, 2016 is here! 

New Years Eve has never really been my holiday [minus that one time we took a party bus to a casino and I found myself dancing barefoot in a bar while confetti was flying from the ceiling..] because more times than not it seems like a night that is full of expectations and let downs. I think it's the whole staying up until midnight thing. Such a task is merely impossible, but throw in a big overpriced dinner and a few glasses of champagne and HA, good joke.  Knowing that low key is the way to go [teenagers, you will find yourself saying the same thing in 15 years, just trust me] we decided to ring in the new year with a handful of friends by hitting up a restaurant that is literally within walking distance from our house and then headed off to one of our friends homes to get crazy, by laying on the couch and stuff. 

A giant bowl of mac and cheese garnished with bacon and jalapenos later, I was ready to get down with the new year.

Because no party is complete without the always appropriate Cards Against Humanity, we played it until I gracefully knocked my captain and diet all over the entire game causing the rolls of paper towels to come out to soak up all of the rippled card edges #partyfoul. 

Fortunately there was plenty of chip dip to distract me of my clumsy ways so I retreated to the kitchen until it was time to pour the champagne and gather around the TV with blow horns and party hats in tow. There's just something about those little blowy things that get me all sorts of excited. Must be the noise. 

BAM. 2016 - we were excited mostly because it meant we could go back to the kitchen to keep eating. A few rounds of Heads Up and we peace'd the heck out to get to bed [it was 2 am. 2! WHO DOES THAT CRAP?!] to which I proceeded to sleep the majority of the next day until my sister made the mistake of telling my mom and I that she was making lasagna. 45 minutes later the whole fam damily showed up to her house for a night of delicious dining and Scattergories. In case I have never told you before, my sister truly has the cutest house in all of the land. Her frito loving children aren't so bad either.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's time to go resolve to do everything I shouldn't be doing but currently am. While eating chili cheese fritos for breakfast. Happppppy New Year! 



  1. Can I eat all of the mac and cheese please and just forget about my new years resolution to lose weight? k thanks.

  2. Sounds like a pretty great NYE! If it makes you feel better, the last time I played CAH, I spilled my red wine all over the cards so now they're all tinged pink! Adds a little more character, ha!

  3. We played Cards of Humanity for NYE here too! It was way too funny and fun! I love the sequin leggings! You are too funny about the chili for breakfast! I am such a carb lover I couldn't fathom that but my husband--chili any day for breakfast!

    Annie- All Things Big And Small

  4. Happy New Year! Looks like you had a bunch of fun, even with the struggle to stay up so late. I made it to 2am too and I have no idea how.

  5. Goodness! She does have an adorable house! Question - Where did she get her rod that holds the roll of paper?! LOVE that idea!!

  6. Best friend and I went ice skating. I was home by 10 pm. That's the way to do it, if you ask me.

  7. You're absolutley right with doing a Low-Key celebration!!

    We rung in 2016 at My Best Friends house with a small group of friends and family. There was maybe 15 of us there. While the adults hung out and played Cards against Humanities, the little ones were in the play room watching a movie. (The play room was right next to the living room so we could watch them). It was really nice! I loved it!

    Sounds like you had a good New Years!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  8. I am all about the low key celebrations! With all the crazies out on the roads, safe in my home was the only place I wanted to be! I am in love with the home decor! Happy 2016


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