2016, Hypothetically Speaking.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Burt’s Bees for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I'm a huge resolutions and goal junkie. With the turn of every new year I spend countless hours thinking about what I really want to focus on the coming year [and by that I mean the first 10 days of January] and evaluate what's working and what's not working currently.

While I absolutely loved 2015, when I think about it overall one word comes to mind over and over again - unbalanced. With managing three different jobs, a husband, a social life, sleeping, and everything else in between it felt like I was both running on empty and always behind for the majority of the year. While I know a perfect balance is never attainable, it is one thing that I hope to focus on more in 2016. It's the whole learning how to say no thing that screws me over every time, I love the yes word. A lot. Aside from focusing on balance I've got a few [like 100] more things I'm hoping to do/accomplish. Because I don't want to forget them come February, I'm publishing it here. Somebody, anybody hold me accountable. Thank you.

+ go to church more times than not [we made it there yesterday! winning!]

+ workout 10,000 minutes in 2016 [the thought alone makes me sweat - 30 minutes down, only 9,970 to go!]

+ run a 10k with my martini club [on the calendar for June! lets do this!]

+ eat less crap and more salads [starting tomorrow obviously]

+ have something on the calendar to look forward to every month - from fun events with friends, to getaways, to date nights, etc. [because you can never plan enough when it comes to fun!]

+ travel somewhere awesome that we've never been before [thinking October for our 10 year anniversary - suggestions welcome!]

+ wear more lipstick - it is one thing that I have always wished I would do, but always felt a little intimidated to do for some reason. I recently discovered that one of my favorite beauty brands, Burt's Bees, came out with their new 100% natural, nourishing and oh so fun lipstick line Available at Target! My lips have been insanely dry this winter so when I realized that these lipsticks would not just look awesome but help moisturize at the same time I was totally all in. Available in 14 different shades, I've had so much fun playing around with my favorite colors [currently loving the brimming berry and iced iris]!

For a lipstick virgin, these Burt's Bees lipsticks have been the perfect tool to get me on my lipstick a-game. They seriously feel so good on - you have to try them as I promise you won't be disappointed. Burt's Bees does it again, bless them.

+ watch every episode of the bachelor religiously [being that there's a slim chance I could be in the background during one of the episodes, this is very important I'm tuned in at all times]

+ read a book every month [fitting because of the book club that I've been in for the past couple of years. It's never too late to start participating in more than just drinking the wine at our monthly get-togethers!]

On the blog front, I've got a few goals as well:
+ experiment more [try testing out different revenue streams, start a new weekly or monthly series - thinking #liyonadime where I show off my latest inexpensive fashion finds, and other good stuff!]

+ completely new design [even with all of that lipstick i'm ready for a face lift!]

+ infuse more personal life into this space [get back to the funny, real every day random stories - get a little more crazy again!]

+ get organized and a handle on things - personally turn to a personal assistant for help [i'm currently only 900 emails behind. oops.]

And on that note, I've got a lot I need to go do.

What's one of your goals or resolutions for the year? Please tell me your's involves lipstick too ;)

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  1. I am in dire need of some color on my face so thanks for the tip! I am ordering a few of these lipsticks today to share with my daughter. Thanks! Susan

  2. For your 10th Anniversary, I HIGHLY recommend Maui, specifically the Hotel Wailea. My husband and I just celebrated our 10th this past October and stayed there and it was AMAZING!!!!! Wailea is on the South West side of Maui and has beautiful beaches, awesome snorkeling and great restaurants, plus you're not far from Lahaina and the cute town of Paia and many other towns/areas. There is so much to see and do, you can't possibly get bored! The bartender at the hotel was awesome and his drinks were AMAZING! I cannot say enough good things. We are already trying to figure out when we can go back!

  3. Funny you wrote about lipstick! NYE I was thinking I should go to Ulta and try to find MY shade of red lipstick. As you know, there are soooo many shades of red lipstick, and I really don't think I can pull off Taylor Swift's shade, as much as I would love to, I just know it's not going to work. Anyhow...any tips on how to make red lipstick work for different skin tones (and eye & hair color...that's got to play some part too??)?...by the way, I'm a brunette with blue eyes and olive skin tones. Any suggestions?

  4. You should totally do your LIY outfit of the day on Instagram too!

  5. and I clicked the Target link to check out the lipsticks to find out, wait for it, so exciting TARGET is now shipping to Canada, so your post has been double helpful. I am so excited.. plus wow on Burts Bee ( I love all their lip colours, cannot wait to try these.

  6. If you have the funds and are adventurous I highly recommend traveling to Thailand. We currently live in Japan, making it a bit easier to get to. We took our 3 small kids to Chiang Mai, Thailand last year and it was phenomenal. It's like an Asian Amsterdam, if that's a thing. There were enough tourists there to add some variety but the locals were so nice and helpful and I didn't feel lost only speaking English. Plus there are the countless experiences (Elephants, Tigers, Temples, Food, etc) you can have! I have friends that have been to Phuket and said it's much too crowded and full of tourist and have recommended Krabi instead. I have had other friends go to Bangkok and said it wasn't worth it to them, but if you are all the way in Thailand, maybe just spend 1-2 days there to do it. We would go again or have stayed longer if our kids weren't so little and of course we had more money! Once in a lifetime….do it!


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