Love, Yellow - Black and Blue

Peace out January, it's February's turn to rule the world. To celebrate this momentous occasion I just ordered a pizza and showered at 6 pm for the day. Big things coming my way this month, I can tell. To also celebrate we're rolling out a brand new month of Love, Yellow and bringing you some of my favorite picks yet. 

When we found this dress I loved it so much I couldn't choose which color was my favorite. To avoid headaches and stomach ulcers, I decided to not choose at all and just go with both royal blue and black - two classic colors to have in your closet if I don't say so myself. That's right, this month it's your turn to make the big decision on which you like best, good luck. 

This dress has so much going for it, lets take a look....

Okay lets talk for a second. Sleeves, it has them. Zipper details on the shoulders, it has those too. Pleated flowy back? Check. Perfect with bare legs and equally perfect with leggings and/or tights. Basically it's one giant win. To make it even more exciting, I chose this pretty little rhinestone wrap bracelet which just so happens to look awesome with both dress colors. 

For a look at the dress in black, here you have it my friends.

Cute right? Get your dress in time for Valentine's Day and watch your partner fall in love with you even more thanks to Love, Yellow ;) I'd love to hear which color is your favorite so drop your opinion below! Ready to stop reading what I have to say and get your order placed? You've come to the right place..here's all the details.

1. Pricing is easy--it's $48 for both pieces [dress (choose your color of choice, black or blue!) and bracelet]! Great to be worn together however awesome separate as well!

2. As far as sizing goes, you can view the size chart here. I am typically a size small and am wearing a size small in this top. Amy is typically a size medium and is wearing a medium. 

3. You have now through Friday to place your orderLimited quantities are available so you will want to order soon to ensure you receive your size! 

4. Your order will be shipped within three business days. 

5. Remember that if you receive the items and aren't happy with your order, you can ship all or part of it back! Instructions will be included in your order. 

6. Spread the word about your Love, Yellow items! Tweet, Instagram, put it up on a billboard, whatever you feel is necessary ;) Please use the #LoveYellowLook hashtag so that I can be sure to send a thousand kissy faces your way for doing so! 

7. Order now :) 



Awkward & Awesome

I'm a little late to the ballgame this week on the awkward and awesome Thursday home front, but I realized that if I dropped the "Thursday" I'm not really late at all. Because I've got some classic awkward moments happening up in here, it's time to get down to business.


1. So this week I had a dentist appointment which was as awful as it sounds. Imagine the setting for a moment if you will - here I am, dressed in a cute little blazer, leopard print heels and drenched wet hair. Why the wet hair you ask? Well, I had a hair appointment right before my dentist appointment and we didn't have time to blow dry it. This is not only great because I happen to look strikingly beautiful with stringy wet hair but also because it meant that all of those tiny shards of hair that you get after a haircut were leaving their mark ALL over the dentist's chair and my clothes. The good news is, this isn't the bad part of the appointment. The fun really started when it was time to bite down on a piece of plastic for x-rays. I have this thing where I gag a lot when things are in my mouth, basically I'm every man's dream. I couldn't help but spit that thing out with full force every time she stuck it into my mouth. A few failed attempts later the dental hygienist told me to put my legs in the air [I was still in the chair laying down]. So there we were, legs up in the air - plastic in my mouth, fail. She eventually called in reinforcement to another hygienist to POUR SALT IN MY MOUTH to help with the gagging. Yes, you read that correct. Wet hair, legs in the air, and two dental hygienists over me pouring a salt shaker into my mouth while trying to get a freaking x-ray of my teeth. Turns out it worked, who knew.

2. The night before Christmas Eve, my sister and I took my two nieces out to do random acts of kindness. Before getting started we ate dinner at Panera Bread and on the way out one of the littles was asking what we were going to do for the evening. I explained how we were going to do some nice things with our dollar bills for people who could benefit from it. She turns to a man sitting near us, points right at him and exclaims loudly "IT LOOKS LIKE HE NEEDS A DOLLAR, CAN I GIVE HIM ONE?!" And then I grabbed her hand and ran out of the restaurant before we got murdered. Next outings goal? How to not call people out for looking homeless.

3. This happened a few years ago but I feel like it has never been publicly talked about on my blog so here we go. It all started with a massage that was happening in California. Turns out I hadn't indicated that I wanted a male or female masseuse so a male it was which was fine and normal, until he started massaging my bare butt crack. And end of story. 


1. Tonight Shawn and I are hosting our first ever euchre tournament at our house with 20 friends. It is my understanding that half of the population has no idea what Euchre is so for those of you idiots [I mean uneducated] it's a card game that all of us Midwest folks play during the winter when it's too cold to do anything else. What this really means is that I should be cooking and cleaning right now but, oops. Get to work husband.

2. Every time that I mention to Shawn that maybe I want a child, these are the pictures he shows me with a statement of "can't. they'll turn out like this."

Still trying to figure out what the problem with that is.

3. I've been doing this really weird thing called reading. It's true, this is not a joke. I recently finished We Were Liars, which OMG read because it's good and sucks you in like no other, but am now starting on Elle Luna's book "The Crossroads of Should and Must" which I am excited about as it deals with finding your passion and all that good stuff. Not that I need help finding it, #macandcheese, but whatever.



5 [5 Minute] Daily Habits To A Cleaner Kitchen!

Ahhh, the feeling of a clean kitchen, is there really anything better? Aside from having somebody else clean it for you, than no. I know I've mentioned it a time or two but I tend to get a little anal when it comes to the cleanliness of our home, hence the no kids thing. I know I have mentioned them before but dang, Viva® towels are where it's at when it comes to keeping the kitchen a place of sanity and good food. 

We have been using these since last summer and haven't looked back from the day we bought them. Magic, I tell you - they are like fancy cloths disguised in a paper towel. While I have typically kept the Viva® Towels on stock, I recently discovered Viva® Vantage and am equally obsessed. Here's the difference between the two...

While both are the same strong and durable cloth-like fabric, there are definite differences. I thought today I'd show you how I use both on a daily basis to keep our kitchen sparkling clean in a matter of minutes. I've learned when you do small tasks regularly it keeps the daunting large tasks at bay. If you struggle with this, I'd recommend setting your phone timer to 5 minutes at some point during your day and completing these 5 items. I'm almost betting you'll be done with a minute or two to spare. 

1. Wipe off all counters

Whether you see it or not [which lets be real, you typically see it], crumbs, spills and stains are all over those pretty little counters on the regular. To keep these babies lookin' their best, I wipe them all down completely every evening with my trusty towels. Within a matter of seconds, they are clean and ready to be eaten off all over again the next day. 

2. Wipe down appliances

Finger prints all over stainless steel appliances are pretty much a guarantee. To prevent against this, we purchased the non finger print kind of appliances, however I have noticed that on the handles they still appear. The Viva® Vantage towels do an awesome job of wiping those right off leaving your appliances sparkly just like they should be. When putting a time on this task, it is once again - seconds. 

3. Wipe out the sink

This is my husband's biggest pet peeve - dirty sinks and him just don't get along. Because I try to keep his love in tact, I've gotten a lot better about wiping our sink out every day [once again the Vantage towels do awesome with this thanks to their scrubby texture]. It's amazing what a clean sink can do for the overall feel of your kitchen. 

4. Wipe down cabinets and hardware 

Do you realize how quickly cabinet hardware can get grimy, sticky, and caked with food remnants? Because our hands are constantly on these little handles, it only makes sense that they are catching all of our gross. Take a minute and wipe off your most commonly used knobs and pulls to keep them looking and feeling their best. While wiping those down, pay attention to your cabinets for any splatters that may have wound up there and clean those bad boys right up as well.

5. Wipe down the refrigerator

[all photos shot by tina herschberger photography]

This one is taking me a bit to get into a regular habit of doing. We are constantly finding spills and food stuck to our refrigerator shelves. Taking a few seconds every day to quickly wipe down any spotted messes will keep them from turning into hardened and sticky globs that are nearly impossible to get up.

And there you have it - 5 simple yet highly effective things to do daily to keep your kitchen the room you always want to be in.

For your pinning pleasure...

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.



Alt Summit, Now What?

Now that I am settling back into reality after a few incredible days at Alt Summit in Salt Lake City I'm feeling the following ways: 

1. Full - mentally and emotionally but mostly physically #eatingproblems
2. Tired yet energized
3. Inspired but overwhelmed
4. Confident yet frustrated 
5. Alone but so very connected 

As you can see, I'm all over the place. Any time I connect with others in this online space it fills my cup up in the best way possible but leaves a yearning for more. I'm in this awkward stage of holding on to everything I just experienced but stuck on where to go from here. I was able to hear some of the most amazing women speak [Sarah Michelle Gellar, Meg Keene, Jasmine Star, Jihan Zencirli and Elle Luna just to name a few] and walked away with SO much valuable information, new friends and plenty of ideas but here I am. Sitting in my office, just me and my dog, music playing staring at a blank computer screen thinking "well, crap. what now?"

My goal is to stop settling for average. Knowing that these people who spoke in front of me, they were once where I was yet they not only believed in bigger things but they made them happen as well. Sometimes I struggle with that whole doing thing and it turns out that's somewhat of an important piece to the puzzle. While I am so fortunate to have this space not only as a hobby but a business as well, there is so much more to be had, experienced, learned, etc. I realize it's a journey and not an overnight thing but these past few days, they provided me the thirst for the adventure.

Cheers to whatever the heck it is I will be doing next, but for now - this is good enough and I will count every single blessing [talking about you, you and you] who allow me to do this crazy thing. 

And now, for pictures. More to come I'm sure  ;) 

the grand america hotel was our home for the conference - not a bad home at all 
my travel mate, friend, and boss - alissa
 dress [similar here and here and here] // shoes
sweater [similar here and here] // leggings // shoes

Obviously I had no fun at all, like at all. Until next year....



The Power of An Organized Closet

A few months ago I was starting to dread every morning when it was time to get in my closet and figure out what to wear for the day - the thing was an untamed jungle with absolutely zero wiggle room to it. Because I couldn't find anything in the mess, I found myself wearing the same few things over and over again that had taken the front and center spotlight placement. After enough hanger fights and repeated outfits I realized it was time to do something about my closet madness. Because my husband accuses me of being the world's biggest hoarder, I knew I needed to call in reinforcement. This is where my friend and personal stylist/closet organizer extraordinaire came into play. I got in touch with Nicole [I have her contact information at the bottom of this post which you will want] and broke the news to her that my closet was making me bat crap crazy. Thankfully, she rushed to my aid and here's what we [okay, she] did. 

1. Because I had been collecting clothes for years that hadn't been worn, were too worn or should have never been worn, I needed an outsiders honest perspective on what I should be keeping and what I should get rid of. A few hours later we had went through every single article of clothing, shoes and accessories and decided either "yay" or "nay". It turned out that I had been holding on to many, many, many things that needed to leave my hands due to either the condition, size, style, etc. I will say that having her, an unbiased opinion who knows a thing or several about fashion, helping me go through this process was insanely helpful. 

2. After clearing out the closets of what needed to go, she went through and moved everything over to a fancy slimline hanger that I am absolutely obsessed with and then organized it all by color and style. This alone freed up so much extra space in my closet but also gave me a much greater view of what I actually have in my closets, from what colors I have a ton of, what I could use more of, if I have too many jackets or need a few more [obviously need more, always.]

3. Because this house is lacking those wonderful walk-in closets that everybody else seems to have, my items take up not just our closet, but also my office closet and our guest bedroom closet. Sorry sweet husband of mine. Here's how they turned out after the massive clean-out and re-organization. Starting with the master bedroom closet - it is in this closet that I now house all of my normal tops along with the shoes that are in season [thanks to Nicole's genius idea for that!] 

Next up, the guest bedroom closet which used to hold all of my mangled jewelry, dresses and jackets. The wonders she did with this...

If you look closely, you will see just how much more space I now have in that closet it's amazing. Bye bye clothes I didn't need! As far as that jewelry, Nicole got creative with a shelf that I had in my office and "decorated" with all of my jewelry which put it all out on display making it now easier to wear.

Last but not least, the office closet. This closet is used for work pants, skirts and sleeveless shirts. This also used to hold every pair of shoes that I owned which had me hopping from closet to closet to get dressed every day. She kept only the out of season shoes in this closet and organized all of the clothing in a way that makes sense unlike before.

4. After getting a good look at what I now had left in my closets, Nicole was able to see what it was that I was missing. I had expressed to her that I wanted to incorporate a few more "mature" work pieces as I have been trying to dress a little more professional and a little less frumpy/comfy at work over the past year. She also realized that I was lacking big time in the basics department so yes, she is responsible for nearly all of these items! After talking budget, she headed out and hit up several stores to find me awesome items to add into my wardrobe and brought it all home for me to try on and see what I wanted to keep and return. This whole personal shopper thing is where it's at, I tell you what. Naturally I loved nearly everything that she chose, so into the organized closets it went!

Working with Nicole was such an awesome opportunity and I am so happy that I chose to invest in her services as they were more than worth it. I now look forward to not just getting dressed everyday but also feel so much more confident in what it is that I am wearing.

If you are in need of a good closet clean out, organization or personal shopper needs Nicole is your girl. She can do the full sha-bang or also offers a la carte options as well [say you need help with dressing for a special occasion, vacation, family photo coordination, etc]. Her fashion skills are backed by her education in both New York and California and truly she knows what she is doing. To get in contact with Nicole to see how she could help you out, you can find her on Instagram [while there, check out her famous dogs account..I die], her blog, Facebook, email [nicolecripestyle@gmail.com] or give her a call at 574-226-2410. Get ready to feel like a whole new woman, believe me - it's amazing what an organized, well dressed wardrobe can do for one's life. Thank you Nicole!