That Day I Ate My Way Through California

A few weeks ago, I ventured off to Southern California for what was supposed to be a Christmas party but quickly turned into a couple of days of "quick! see how much amazing food you can shove down your throat! keep going and don't stop!!!"

Fortunately, I kick ___ at this.

First stop, sidecar doughnuts.

If you are a doughnut connoisseur or heck, even if you're not, and are traveling in the Costa Mesa area between now and forever, you must stop in and order probably one of every kind. My personal favorites on this trip were the maple bacon and cinnamon crumb. Just like butter, they melt in your mouth baby.

we're all smiles because dooooouuuuuugggghnnnnnuuuutttttsssssss!!!

From there, it was obviously time for lunch because lets be real - doughnuts are filling for about a whole 3 minutes so we ventured off to Taco Asylum for endless rounds of nachos, a beer or two and of course - tacos. I'll take 3 philly steak please! I did. I took them.

After we couldn't button our pants [which is turning into an everyday reality for me], we headed back to our villa for some champagne on the patio to unwind from the very stressful day we had before taking off for our cooking class. The sunset may have been 150% amazing as shown in the reflection of the windows below. Too bad we couldn't eat that up because Lord knows I would have tried.

Last event of the day, dinner. But not your typical go sit down, have somebody serve you and eat type of dinner - oh no. This dinner was going to be a product of our own hands [which in my case, scary]. We went to Surfas Culinary District where Chef Rose [microphone and all] led us in how to put together a meal complete with a frisee and apple salad with champagne vinaigrette, cocoa covered seared filet minion with a Bearnaise sauce, asparagus with chocolate salt and vanilla bean creme brulee for dessert. Basically it was disgusting. Not.

While the others knew what they were doing, little miss can't listen to instructions over here got yelled at for not rocking the knife through the onion correctly. A knife is for cutting, not rocking woman. If I wanted to rock I would jump into bed with my husband, not try my luck at it in the kitchen. Well, actually. Never mind. I swallowed not my pride, but more wine and continued on.

After creating the masterpiece, we all sat down together and ate our work of art in approximately 3, maybe 4 seconds. It was OMG so good. Also, that blow torch device is awesome and manly and everybody needs one to feel like a rock star.

Day two of California, I'm still trying to sweat you out.

ps. all photos were shot with my sony a6000 which transfers any photo that I wish directly to my phone via built in wi-fi and it's my absolutely favorite thing in the world. just thought you should know in case Santa forgot to deliver anything to you ;) It looks like it is currently $100 off! #nowisyourchance



  1. I'm actually shocked that I could focus on anything but food in this post, but those ankle boots in the group pic outside Sidecar Doughnuts!! Where are they from?! I've been searching for a pair that color that aren't too wide for my chicken-leg ankles and those look perfect!

    1. Haha, love it! I got those from target a year or two ago! If I can find a link I'll send it your way!

  2. Those doughnuts look absolutely amazing. And they made me super hungry lol. Looks like day one was a blast - can't wait to read about the rest of the trip (and see all of the food pictures so I can drool over them lol).

  3. I think I need a trip to California just for doughnuts! They look so delicious!

  4. Sidecar Doughnuts is one of my favorite donut places around here! I'm glad you enjoyed!! That is one of the places I always bring friends and family whom come to visit from out of town or state LOL I think its definitely a MUST STOP eatery!!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  5. That food you all made looks absolutely divine! Such a cool idea to cook and eat your own meal, a good activity to do with your girlfriends. I would be hopeless though so I would just be drinking wine and eating the masterpiece instead of cooking lol


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