Oh Deer! Christmas Week Is Here!

Anybody else's armpits sweating just thinking about the fact that Christmas is THIS week (!!!!!) It turns out that this time of the year is slightly more stressful each year of adult that you get. I've tapped out in adultness apparently because I just cried when wrapping presents. The thing is, I suck so bad at it. Like so so bad - after ripping the wrapping paper on every freaking gift, I had to take little strips of paper to cover the holes and that's when I lost it and I went off on a tirade about how it's so dumb that they offer children classes on how to wrap presents and not adults because WHAT CHILDREN ARE WRAPPING PRESENTS?

Anyhow. Merry Christmas :) 

Thankfully, the majority of my gifts are bought and under the tree now, no matter how ratchet they may look. Sure there's still the whole cooking and cleaning and trying to actually sleep on Christmas Eve thing [I'm 29 going on 4] but I have hope that we will all survive this crazy week. 

To help keep me sane I'm turning to coffee, cute clothes and Jesus. Without those 3, what would Christmas really be all about? When I saw this reindeer tunic I was all "is it a night gown? is it a go out top? what in the world is it?!" so naturally I had to have it to find out exactly how to wear it. Well guess what? It works either way. Slippers? Easy peasy. Pleather leggings and heels? Smokin' hot. 

tunic can be found in black // cream // red // leggings found here

Because I'm assuming we're all running around with that deer in the headlights look [pun intended] I thought it would be fun to partner with Sugar Love Boutique to give away $50 in store credit to one of you or Rudolph's friends.

Happy Christmas week - just remember, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. We have wine to remind us of this. 



  1. This long tee is so cute either way! I really hate wrapping gifts, too. I wish I only had to wrap 8 or 10 and be all cutesy with them, but I have about 60 I have to wrap... and, I just don't have patience for that! Thankfully, after five hours of wrapping... they are done! Whew!


  2. Love this outfit! It looks so cozy and festive <3

  3. I love the tunic! And holiday dysfunction was running high in my house over the weekend. Screaming, threats of moving out, the usual. As much as I love, love, love Christmas...it sure can bring out the worst in some of us.

  4. Normally I love wrapping presents..I go all out, shiny paper, glitter bows, the works. But this year I just didn't have the energy. We're hosting our first Christmas dinner with my husband's and my parents. Stress level: max.

    My solution?

    Gift bags.

    It's not near as fancy but in 10 minutes I was finished with my sanity (somewhat) in tact.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Could you tell me the best way to email you to request information on sponsoring a post?

  6. We'd be the perfect team!!! I love gift wrapping ^_^

  7. I bought the same tunic from a local boutique in my town. It's so stinkin' cute!


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