Last Minute Gifts For Any Woman In Your Life

It's crazy to me that on the 9th of December I am having to use the term "last minute" when it comes to Christmas gifts but I am starting to learn that a lot of you crazy people have this whole Christmas shopping thing nearly done #showoffs. While I am holding on to the hope that there are several of you that still suck at this holiday, I thought I would share a few last minute gift ideas that are sure to please all sorts of ladies in your life. 

I have other pieces of Wired Boutique jewelry and the quality always impresses me greatly - made out of scrabble tiles and dominoes, I love the creativity behind each of the pieces. This vintage balloon necklace is made up of beautiful earth tones which is perfect for the woman in your life that appreciates this color scheme. Wired Boutique has so many options that are sure to please anybody - make sure to use the code YELLOW15 to receive 15% off your order! 

2. Sash + Jayd Paintings and Prints [use code liy15 for 15% off of original paintings]

Ahhhh, artwork. How I love it so. These Sash + Jayd original acrylic paintings are gorgeous and so full of color and life. Hand painted in her living room, I love the story behind these pieces of art. This Summer Lovin' print makes me all sorts of happy as the color scheme fits in perfectly with many rooms of our house. Make sure to use the code liy15 to receive 15% off all original paintings

Who doesn't love a witty mug? These Hello Awesome mugs are my new go-to both for drinking and decorating purposes. While the store is currently closed [so much sadness I know] I was told that if you follow along on Instagram you may see a few pop up surprise sales from time to time ;) The "I seriously do not care" and my beloved "be still" mugs are my personal favorites however there are so many that are great. Hand painted for the win!

These American made cutting and serving boards are not just beautiful but are the perfect accompaniment to any kitchen and/or party. Being that I am a huge fan of everything nautical, this compass rose was my first choice and I have loved using it for every piece of meat and cheese that I have consumed recently. They have so many options that I trust you will find the perfect wood design for anybody in your life.

And that completes round one of last minute Christmas gifts - stay tuned for another round of goodies in the next couple of days. Read enough blog posts and your shopping will be complete in no time, believe me. What's on your list for that special woman in your life this year?



  1. That mug. I must have it. This is a great list!

  2. I love the mugs!! We collect mugs so I am always looking for new ones and I always get 2-4 for people in my life who I know love drinking coffee or tea!!

    What a great idea!

    Thanks for sharing!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  3. Such cute stuff and um, the lights of your tree are killing me!

  4. I really love everything you shared lol !
    XO Ellen from Ask Away


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