I'm Convinced California Is Just One Giant Painted Picture That Tastes Really Good.

Like I said, a painted picture. There is no possible way that this is real life for millions of people every day. And if this whole California place is actually real, the rest of us are complete idiots for not moving there yesterday. 

Right. We really are just idiots. 

This past weekend was hands down one of my favorites as it was full of scenery like the above, the greatest group of people surrounding me, SO MUCH FOOD and memories that will last until at least next week [that's a long time in my brain]. Working for Pollinate Media certainly has its perks and our Christmas party ranks at the very top of the list. Because I have literally 100 photos to share from my three days there, I figured I would break it up into days to save you the anguish of scrolling for hours on end [because you obviously wouldn't just click that X in the right hand corner of your screen...you would, I know]. 

Lets start with the very first thing I did after standing on California ground. 

That's right. Mouth full of In-N-Out and it was every bit of double double animal style amazing as it always has been. If one ever needed an excuse as to why they should visit California, I just gave you the best possible one. Get after it.

After inhaling my cheeseburger, like literally I couldn't breathe, we headed off to our home for the weekend - Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach which yes, is hands down the nicest place I have ever or will ever stay. We checked into our 4 bedroom villa [we're bloggers, we are used to sleeping with each other] and made ourselves comfortable out on the patio with a glass of champagne in hand overlooking the disgusting view.

I know. I could barely look at it either. 

At one point I walked inside the villa to fill up my champagne glass and turned around to head back outside and this is what I saw.

Now try telling me that's not fake. California, you are too good to be true.

 my girls Julie and Skye 

Because the entire crew wasn't with us the first night we did what we knew best - went shopping and modeled all of the fabulous faux fur we could find.

Stay tuned for the rest of my California adventures as there is a lot more food to show off and a heck of a lot of dancing to get through. Hold onto your panties, it's going to be a fun ride.

ps. speaking of panties, I am seeing Thomas Rhett and Brett Eldridge in concert tomorrow night meaning I will need to wear a pad to catch all of the excitement that will be going on. Sorry mom and dad. #awkward

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