Holiday Hosting :: The Easiest [Yet Most Delicious] Menu On The Planet!

This past weekend we hosted my martini club ladies plus husbands at our house for cocktails and appetizers prior to heading out to dinner. With Christmas in mind, I wanted to make the event a little festive but with it also being a busy day, I didn't have a ton of time to put into whatever I was going to do. Fortunately I was able to come up with a menu that was beyond low maintenance and festive at the same time. Miracles do happen children, believe me. 

Being that I am not a huge sweets fan [give me salty any day] but knowing that some of my guests would appreciate a few sweet treats I found a very happy balance with Pop Works & Company - gourmet flavored popcorn which made my mouth drool before even opening. 

Yes, you are reading those bags right - Cookies & Cream, Birthday Cake and Salted Caramel & Fudge...POPCORN. Did you just die? I did too a little. Sold exclusively online - with Pop Works & Company you are able to build a box of any or all three flavors from above and now through December 31st you can have it shipped in two days [for free in a really cute box mind you] for only $15.99! I love this for either hosting or gift giving as it's such a fun addition to any party. Not only is it the world's easiest party favor, it tastes as good as it sounds leaving all sorts of mouths happy. As we taste tested we named off our favorites in order - my personal favorite was the Birthday Cake while many agreed the Salted Caramel & Fudge was the winner, although now I find myself not being able to stop with the Cookies & Cream so as you can see, I've got a major popcorn dilemma on my hands. 

To present the Pop Works & Company popcorn I poured each bag into a festive container [found in the Target dollar spot] and spread it out on a few small Christmas themed plates. To add to the appetizer table I also made a quick and easy meat and cheese platter full of fruits, chocolates and of course - meats and cheeses. My local grocery store was also selling red and green tortilla chips which were absolutely a must to pair with salsa and that my friends, completed our round of festive yet delicious appetizers.  

Our friends loved our snacks so much that they agreed to take a photo using my selfie stick which in a man's world, is a very big and daunting commitment. 

I hope these simple hosting ideas help you this Christmas season - remember that typically what you buy will taste better than what you make - especially when it comes to gourmet flavored popcorn ;) Host on hostettes <-- that would be a made up word but I like it, just go with it please and thank you. Make sure to come back Thursday for the festive little cocktail recipe I paired with this goodness. 

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  1. Yum! Thanks for the recommendation. I just bought some for a Chinese Auction my family does on Christmas. This will be a hit!


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