Goody Clean Radiance Giveaway

You all may remember this beauty of a brush right here shining in all of its copper bristles glory. With its ability to prevent against natural build-up which leaves your hair feeling lighter and healthier, it leaves little need for a lot of other hair care products which is awesome from the time saving front. Many of you took a liking to wanting to see for yourself what this brush is all about so it was decided that we should allow you to do just that! Because I'm pretty sure we all want shiny healthy hair [can I get an amen?] I have teamed up with Goody and Walmart to give you the opportunity to win some awesome hair care products - the best news? 28 winners will be selected increasing your odds times 28. I'm pretty sure this is more exciting than any lottery you could play in. See below for all of the fun and get to entering! 

Here's what is up for grabs! Good luck!

Grand prize: Chi Straightener and CROC Blowdryer (valued at $200)
Second prize: Goody Basket (valued at $100) - 2 winners
Third Prize: $25 Walmart gift card - 25 winners


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