Give The Gift Of Stitch Fix!

It's certainly no secret around this blog that Stitch Fix and I go together almost as well as macaroni and cheese. It's the one service that I have consistently stayed with for years now and one that I don't plan on ending anytime soon [it's quite the serious relationship we have going if you haven't gathered]. My husband knows it's my sweet spot as Stitch Fix is now used as a common threat in our home "If you buy that just know that you can't keep anything from your next fix!" [and so obviously I still buy the item and then hide whatever I kept from my fix because returning everything is just not possible].

As we are knee deep in the Christmas shopping season, I wanted to remind you that the best gift of all is very easily just one click of a button away. With a gift card from Stitch Fix you can choose to either have it physically mailed, emailed to the recipient, or you can print it at home! This is perfect for those of you who may procrastinate and hit "order" on December 23rd. You are also able to designate the amount that you would like ranging from $20 to $1000 [yes please!]

If you are having trouble finding just the right thing for those ladies in your life this year [moms, sisters, friends, daughters, etc], why not give them the gift of a personal stylist? It's not just a gift of a piece of clothing, it's an experience that very well could lead to a lifetime of Stitch Fix happiness.

Ladies, if this is what you have your eye on - simply email your significant other this blog post link with a wink face and I think they will get the hint. If they don't, well I apologize but your significant other is an idiot. For those significant others reading - don't be an idiot, click here to order your gift card now! You're lady will most certainly wrap her legs around you and well, I'll stop there but I promise it will be worth it [ladies don't leave me hanging on this one].

Happy Stitch Fix gifting and all that other good stuff that comes along with it #wink!


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