Give The Gift Of Love, Yellow [To Yourself Or Others!]

Tis' the season for gifts! If you're anything like me when you head out to do some Christmas shopping you come home with bags full.....of items for yourself. Oops. Knowing that the struggle is real [do you buy for you? do you buy for others? what do I do?!] we wanted to help you out with this month's Love, Yellow items! Instead of offering our normal two pieces we are putting together a package of three [WHAAAAAAAT] that are meant to either be kept all together for yourself or maybe one piece for you, another for a sister and the third for a friend! Basically we're helping you kill all sorts of birds with one stone, sorry birds. 

While you may be used to the Love, Yellow items being worn together, this month we didn't necessarily follow that approach [rule breaking runs in my blood] but rather we wanted three items that were great individually and things that anybody could love! Here you have it! 

Who doesn't love tunics, pendant necklaces and plaid scarves? Here's a look at the items a little closer..

We will start with this striped tunic which is the easiest thing to wear in the world and we know how I feel about easy......

With leggings or jeans, you can't go wrong - cha ching! Add in the part about it being a little flowy and girlfriend, you were just granted with another helping of mashed potatoes. 

Next up is the plaid infinity scarf that is absolutely perfect for the winter months - infinity also means one thing, easy. Wrap that baby around your neck a couple of times and you are good to go. The colors in this one make me all sorts of smiley.

Last but certainly not least, the pendant necklace which comes in not one, but two different color options this month! Gold or silver, you pick [lucky you!] The perfect necklace for nearly any outfit, you can't go wrong with this one!

The best news of all? All three items can be purchased for only $50 which is a great value if I may say so myself! Ready to get your shop and smile on? All the details can be found below!

1. Pricing is easy--it's $50 for all three pieces! Keep something for yourself, give another to somebody on your Christmas list, the options are unlimited!

2. As far as sizing goes, you can view the size chart here. I am typically a size small and am wearing a size small in this top. Amy is typically a size medium and is wearing a medium.

3. You have now through Friday to place your orderLimited quantities are available so you will want to order soon to ensure you receive your size! 

4. Your order will be shipped within three business days. 

5. Remember that if you receive the items and aren't happy with your order, you can ship all or part of it back (returns accepted through December 31st)! Instructions will be included in your order. 

6. Spread the word about your Love, Yellow items! Tweet, Instagram, put it up on a billboard, whatever you feel is necessary ;) Please use the #LoveYellowLook hashtag so that I can be sure to send a thousand kissy faces your way for doing so! 

7. Order now :) 



  1. You're making it very difficult to not buy for myself right now ;)

    1. Same here... I've bought more for myself (so far) than others this year...

  2. I love that infinity scarf! It's so colorful and it looks so warm! <3

  3. Love your outfit! You look super pretty :)

  4. Love love love your booties! Where are they from?

  5. Very cute pieces! So sad I just found this great blog yesterday. If there's anymore of these items available, please let me know.


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