Gift Guide For The Ladies In Your Life // Part Two

lace scarf from borelli design [use code LIVINGYELLOW20 for 20% off]

If you thought I was done shoving down gift ideas down your throat, you were wrong - very wrong. The good news is absolutely zero other blogs are also offering up their gift guides so there should be very little confusion here on what to buy and how much to spend. I've always prided myself when it comes to the originality of my blog's content. Speaking of the content of my blog, is anybody else out there ready to take blogging back to what it used to be? Is that even a thing anymore? Like do people simply blog about how how they got pooped on by a bird, bleaching butt holes, or how eating hot dogs in public is awkward for obvious reasons? 2016, I've got big things planned for you.

Back to what I was saying though - things you need to buy. We all know men are impossible to shop for so instead of trying, just don't. Focus on the women - we are the ones in desperate need of items ;)

1. Borelli Design Scarves - use code LIVINGYELLOW20 for 20% off

chevron and gold shimmer scarf found here

It should be noted that scarves are most likely the easiest gift to buy for any woman in your life because one size fits all and also because well, scarves. Who doesn't love em'? Borelli Design doesn't just offer fashion scarves but also scarves that are awesome for women on the go - their active performance line contains SPF20, is moisture wicking and are quick to dry [I can't wait to wear some on the boat this summer!] The white lace scarf that I am wearing above is one of my favorites because it is so lightweight yet so feminine. 

2. HorseFeathers Gifts [use code livinginyellow for 20% off]

I'm completely obsessed with their hand stamped jewels. You may not be able to read the bracelet fully because I wanted the world's longest statement on it, but what it says is "when is the last time you did something for the first time?" I saw that quote on Instagram a few months ago and it has stuck with me ever since - I knew I wanted it on something that I would see regularly so it only made sense to have HorseFeathers put it on a bracelet for me! At only $24 for their secret message personalized silver hammered cuff, it's a gift that can't be beat. Most definitely check out HorseFeathers Gifts for all of your jewelry needs.

3. Natural Area Rugs

Your first thought when gift giving may not be rugs but do you know how incredibly excited I would be if my husband bought me an area rug for Christmas? With great prices on all types of rugs [anybody else into jute rugs recently?] and rugs that I literally want to rub my face in and never stop [see here] these natural area rugs are sure to please in any home. Be sure to check out natural area rugs for your next rug purchase, their selection won't disappoint!

And that completes today's gift guide - will there be another one? do I eat cheese? The answer is yes.


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