Christmas Home Tour

Being that our house has been decorated for Christmas for nearly a month now, I thought it was time to show off a few bits and pieces [or like a thousand bits and pieces] of our home during the Holidays. Decorating this house for Christmas is always going to make me laugh a little bit because it wasn't until we decorated last year after moving in that I fell in love with our house. Up until that point, I would cry regularly because nothing about it felt like home. BAM, the Christmas trees went up and I never wanted to leave the place and the feeling hasn't left since. I'm pretty confident that this is the only reason my husband allowed the decor to go up so early once again "BUT IT'S THE WHOLE REASON WHY I LOVE OUR HOUSE SO MUCH!!!" Tears or ornaments, take your pick. 

Without further ado, I present to you the jolly ole Schrader casa, starting with the kitchen and dining area...

I love this space so much mostly because there is room to put a smaller tree in it - this tree we decorate with all of the ornaments that my aunt has given to us over the years [she owns an ornament shop which is fun!]. It's my favorite tree to decorate as each year's ornaments are a reminder of something from that year - I love reminiscing over what each ornament means when putting this tree together..such a fun tradition that I hope never stops. The light up tree skirt from Ikea also doesn't hurt on the whole making me happy scale. 

sign found at Home Goods

Next up, the "outdoor" room - my favorite place to chill in the house. 

BAR sign from Junk Art Gypsyz // Pillow from Home Goods

We will travel down the hallway to get to the living room...fa la la la la, la la la la la...

And finally, we have arrived. 

stockings from Kohls // Garland from Target
pillow from Home Goods // lamp from Ikea

The best part about Christmas decor though? The magic of the lights at night...#drool

Merry Christmas to all, and to all..a good night :) 



  1. Beautiful, Erin. I love your home's cool, relaxed vibe.

  2. girl. i have an idea. i'm going to VRBO your house for christmas.

  3. I lovelovelove everything about this, Erin! Where is that coffee ornament from? And where can I find that amazing manifesto sign on your wall? It's all cute and colorful and homey and ughhhh I just dig it.

    Coming Up Roses

  4. You don't mind if I come and move in with you do you? K, great. I'm itching to put our Christmas decorations up and no one else in this house seems to care!

  5. Just lovely! I do as much as can with a small apartment and no shelving (yet), but I can't wait to have a house to decorate!

  6. Absolutely beautiful! Such a cozy house with a great vibe. Definite house and decor envy.

  7. Super cute! I love your "Brave" sign!

  8. love the decorations, its amazing how much seeing a house all guzzied up for the holidays and make us fall in love with the house. nice job

  9. Your home looks beautiful! Happy holidays <3

  10. That navy couch --- need it in my life? Where from? Love your style. I like having "things" out but it not looking too crowded with knick knacks. You have that nailed!

  11. Your decor is so cute! I love it!


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