Looking Ahead - Your Input Needed!

As we head into a new year, I always like to take some time to reflect on where things are currently at and where I would like to see them go and grow. Obviously one of my major focuses is on this blog - as I think back to how this whole operation worked back in 2011 when it all started, it's both exciting and somewhat bittersweet to see how things have changed. I used to show up to this space a lot more naive and eager - never knowing for sure what words would be coming out of my fingers (sometimes this is good, sometimes this is bad). While I have since made this blog more of a business, I still have moments of longing for it to be more like it used to be. As I look ahead into 2016, I want to approach this space with a little more "child-like" eyes. I want to be careful to only say yes to opportunities that excite me and infuse a little more of me into this sweet little blog of mine. I hope to be more engaging and spend time building relationships, not just numbers. I know it will be challenging but I know that it can happen. 

I would love if you could take a quick few seconds to fill out this questionnaire to let me know a little bit more about yourself and also what you would like to see out of this blog in the new year. 

As always, I so appreciate your willingness to show up to this space, it means so much that you choose to spend a part of your day with me and I will never take that for granted. Thank you for continuing to be a bright spot in my day, you have no idea how much it means. 

love you tons. mean it.


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  1. Hey girl! Just did your questionnaire :) Also sent you an email a couple days ago, not sure if you got it, so just wanted to check in. Thanks! Have a great weekend!


I read and appreciate every one of your comments. Thanks for stopping by my space and sharing a piece of yourself on this huge ole internet. I meant that in the least creepy way possible. I'm just good at making everything awkward. Anyhow, thank you for your comments. They make me smile :)