Turns Out I Like To Eat On Vacation..

I'm coming back at you today with more Florida photos in hopes that this will be the week I close out this trip on the blog [only 70 more pictures to get through, we can dooooo it..]. Before I jump into how we spent the last couple days of vaca [hint: it's always 5 o'clock there] I wanted to share the last of our West Palm Beach happenings.

For our final night of festivities on Singer Island we decided to hop back over to land in West Palm beach on Clematis St to eat at a burger joint, Grease. You know a restaurant is going to be good with a name like that. Before venturing off to dive head first into cheeseburgers and martinis us girls partook in drinking wine while the boys actually did whine over the Michigan vs Michigan St game. I prefer the kind you can drink.

After not talking in the car due to Michigan's loss [sorry Michigan loving friends of ours], we found our happy sitting right in between two buns. Mine with bacon and grilled apple on top...

That cucumber infused martini or whatever it was also did a good job of putting the happy into my evening. We certainly left the island on a high note stuffed to the gills and ready to take on the next adventure of our trip...which guess what, also involved food.

that would be apple crisp with cinnamon ice cream and key lime donut holes in the background...
key lime pie martini, don't mind if I do...
how cool is this chandelier made of oars?
 photos above from The Boatyard restaurant in Fort Lauderdale

See you tomorrow in Margaritaville ;)



  1. Eating is the only thing I like to do on vacay. That and hike and stuff to counteract all the eating/drinking I'm doing.

  2. YUM! I seriously want to try every single thing you posted today, but mostly the wine ;).

  3. Because I was very open about letting you know that I wasn't feeling all the sponsored posts coming from here lately I wanted to drop in to say these real life, vacay recap posts are actually very enjoyable to read. It's reminded me that you're a real person, not just someone who blogs to make $$ ;) while I know that's great for you, it's nice to hear something...normal here again. So, thank you!!

  4. I LOVE that Orange and Blue dress! Where can I get it!?


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