The First Snow [And Other Need To Know Info]

Well, it's official - winter finally made its grand debut in Indiana last weekend by dumping over 6 inches of snow on us in one day. As much as I always say I would love to live in Southern California, this whole snow business has a special place in my heart that almost makes me more giddy than a sunny 75 degree day spent on a boat. It's like us Midwesterner's are given a six month excuse to do nothing but wear slippers, drink coffee and lay on the couch. Southern California peeps are expected to do really awesome things twelve months out of every year. Talk about exhausting those poor things, my condolences are with you.

When I woke up last Saturday morning I knew it was going to be one of those winter days I was going to get real dramatic about as I looked out the windows and saw nothing but white....

I did exactly what I knew I needed to do in this moment. 

And there I stayed, forever and ever amen. 

I take that back. Somewhere in between the busyness of doing nothing I decided to peel 5 pounds of potatoes because I wasn't feeling quite old or wife-ish enough. This certainly did the domestic trick.

I get that oceans are pretty and all, but this -- well, it's sometimes breathtaking. Mad props Indiana.

In other, non-bragging winter news, Friday happens to be a day that people shop or so I'm told. In the midst of my decorating for Christmas spree, I also got my hands on these original Language Art pieces [made by my very first boyfriend's mother..awwwwww]. I've had several of their pieces in my house before but some of their new collections are my absolute favorite. In the spirit of sharing good deals, I thought I'd let you know that Language Art is offering free shipping from now until the end of the day Monday. These make for awesome gifts, I know this because my mom walked in my house and said "hey, I want that clock" and then proceeded to take my clock.

The cool thing about this bad boy is that the background is a photograph of the side of an old fishing boat in Alaska, while all of the numbers are photographs [of numbers] taken from places all over the place. 

Below I'm representin' my great state with the HOME sign [this can be hung on the wall or sit in a stand] - the state photo is a photograph of a vintage puzzle piece so that's neat [available in most states].

Last but not least, the cuties of the group - these colorful tiles sitting pretty in their little stand. You can form virtually any word that you want and make for great pieces for desks, tables, or anywhere else you need a word [so everywhere]. 

Get your gift on at Language Art now and scratch those "need to buy for" people off your list. It's a freeing feeling, the singing Elsa doll sitting on my counter tells me so. God bless parents of children who only want singing dolls for Christmas. the end.



  1. Winter is amazing. Those state signs and shirts and "home" are not so cool with Colorado. Hello square. But Colorado does snow and blizzards amazingly well.

  2. Yay for the first snow! Our weather has been flirting with the chance of snow but has not given us any yet. I love the "home" sign! Definitely going to have to check those out!

  3. I love visiting your blog this time of year and seeing all that gorgeous snow outside your windows. I've been in love with snow my entire life, and yet I've never as yet touched it. So jealous!

  4. well we had a dusting and you can keep your six inches, way to early for me, but it does get one in the mood for Christmas. I love the language art pieces you have they are beautiful.

  5. Happy to say, where I am in WI, we haven't had a big snowfall yet. But that may change overnight... tonight.


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