Shine Bright Like A Diamond [Tips For Shiny Hair]

Lets talk hair for a quick minute shall we? Beauty isn't a subject I talk about often because when one does the same exact thing every single day in her "beauty routine" it gets hard to compose more than one blog post covering the subject. That is until you go and radically change up your routine by the switch of a hair brush and BAM, something to talk about. It's the little things ya know? 

For many years my hair has been a great balance of either really dry or dripping with grease after going more than 24 hours of not showering. To really top off my luscious locks, throw in a scalp that loves to shed [I can think of many desirable qualities in a woman, this not being any of those] and that's my hair story. Over the past year however, I have acquired an interest in bringing that perfect dry/oily combo to my hair along with ridding of the dry scalp thing [because yuck] and finding a way to shine like I've never shone before. If you'll oblige, I'd love to share how I've done that. 

Lets start with the most exciting piece in this story, the hair brush. If you are like me, you rely on the same brush that you received in your stocking at Christmas several years ago, not really giving any thought to what it's bringing to the table other than the fact it may get a tangle out or two. When I recently discovered the new Goody Clean Radiance brush at Walmart shining in all of its copper glory, I knew I was onto something good. 

For one, it obviously just looks pretty. But for two, these copper bristles actually do good things for that mane of yours -  remember that dry scalp thing I was talking about? It has been proven that copper bristles remove the natural buildup which in turn leaves your hair looking more healthy and radiant*. Not just that but it also feels kinda amazing on your head when using it. The brush does have a flexible cushion pad which also makes for added brushing comfort. I truly have seen and felt a difference in my hair when using this Goody Clean Radiance brush. I'm not here to say that you have to go buy it at Walmart, I'm just here to say you'd be an idiot not to ;) 

Other ways I'm taking care of my hair to help bring out the good kind of shine and prevent as much damage as possible you ask? Three more things..Shampoo - I fell in love with this Ginger Scalp Care from The Body Shop a year ago at this time and have been hooked ever since. Not only do I just adore the smell of Ginger [and taste - moscow mule anyone?] but it truly has made a remarkable difference in the dryness of my scalp. Because I'm "drying it out" so to speak, I started using Moroccan Oil daily [I squeeze a dime amount into my hands after my hair is dry and rub it through from root to ends] which nourishes and smooths out my hair so well - it also smells amazing so added bonus there. Last but not least, the only hair accessories I use are Goody. Their elastic hair ties are leaps and bounds ahead of the rubber bands from my office that I had previously been using and their bobby pins really do keep it all in place. 

And that my friends, is my personal secret to shiny, radiant healthy hair.

What are you currently doing to take care of your hair?

Be sure to check out the Goody Clean Radiance line in the hair aisles at Walmart and let me know what you think! Brushing your hair will never be so much fun, believe me.
*Results based on consumer usage and perception study.

Disclosure: Thank you Goody for sponsoring this post, all opinions are 100% my own.


  1. I'm in a market for a new brush! During the winter time, my hair always looks like I stuck my finger in a light socket. I love the idea of the copper bristles... I'll have to try this one out!

  2. This post just reminded me that I'm in dire need of a new hair brush, actually! Making myself a reminder to get one now :)



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