Post Thanksgiving Calorie Scorching Workout

Well, if you read yesterday's post you know when I say that I can't button my pants I really mean, I can't button my pants. If you also read yesterday's post you would know that here in a few short days I'll be bathing suit clad and yikes. Seriously, yikes.

In order to feel a teeny tiny bit better about myself I decided to put together a quick [yet killer] workout that will make the potatoes and pie sweat right out of those pores. Because I like workouts that I can do virtually anywhere and that require virtually nothing I put together this no equipment needed cardio calorie blasting workout. The great thing is it's up to you how little or much you want to do depending on how many rounds you repeat it. If you're anything like me, the first few times a one and done is satisfactory enough.

Without further ado, I present to you the post Thanksgiving Calorie Scorching workout.....

While most of the items listed above are pretty self explanatory, I assume that not everybody may know what all are. Lets start with the mountain climbers -
To do these suckers [truly, they suck] - get into the high plank position [think push-up] and either run or step each leg in like you see above. Count one for every set of two that you do.
Bicycle crunches are another that may not be as familiar to some of you - these sometimes make me want to vomit so that's fun, but they are definitely worth it. Or something. Lay flat on your back, hands behind your head, legs out and bring one elbow to the opposite knee. Cross over [pedal almost as if on a bike] and count one for each set of two that you do.

Burpees are the last that you may wonder about and while I did record a video of me doing them, the heart pounding breathing that was taking place I decided was slightly embarrassing so instead, I'll leave you with this link on how to do them.

As you can see, a lot of the moves require jumping because plyometrics and the like are insanely awesome ways to blast calories. What aren't so great about these moves however is what they may make some of us ladies do pee a little. Yes I just said that because yes it's true. I know only because it happens to me and also because I just heard a hilarious story about a friend of mine's daughter telling people that her mommy needs to go through potty training again. ish happens, it's okay.

For those of you who have the same jumpy/sneezing/coughing/laughing/exercising issues like myself and blessed friends, you are in luck. Recently Poise Impressa Bladder Supports were released and BAM, just like that freedom is back.

I found mine at Walmart and while you may remember me mentioning them here I can share a little bit about how they work again. These babies look just like a tampon, however act a little different. All you have to do is choose your size [totally not based on your actual "down there" size but rather on how much support you need - start with level 1 and if that doesn't do the trick try moving up to 2 or 3], insert it just like you would other feminine products and then allow it work its magic which means it will stop the flow of leakage coming from your urethra and allow you to do a happy dance or jump with no squirts! Rejoice! Because you may suffer from this problem yourself [we unite!] and have a few questions [I did] about how these work you can read all of the FAQs here.  
It's time to get up and get down - over and over and over again until the sweat drips and worry of leakage disappears thanks to Poise Impressa. What's one workout move that you always turn to in times of desperation? I need everything I can get.
Thank you to Poise Impressa for sponsoring this post - while I was compensated for the writing of this, all facts about my peeing problems are 100% accurate and embarrassing.


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  1. Love your workout pants. What brand are they?


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