It's currently 3:40 pm and I'm sitting on the couch, blanket around me, Maggie by my side chewing on a treat and the movie Couples Retreat on the TV screen. Naturally I have coffee in my hand and my mind is deciding between if I should have a baby or a caramel apple sucker. In case you're wondering, I decided on the sucker. The baby thing seemed a little difficult being that I'm home alone and all. 

It's moments like this however that I can't decide if I absolutely love being at home [like this is great right? so great] or if I hate it [because this is lonely right? like so lonely]. This is the exact reason why my husband quickly reminds me of these moments every time I mention that I want to be a full time stay at home wife [I mean blogger]. I think it's actually the threat of me maybe wanting a child that scares him the most about me not leaving the house daily, but I digress. Now would be a good time for me to segway into that post I once promised entitled "so are you ever going to have kids?" however I think I'd rather talk about clothes. Priorities, you know? I'll get back to that other stuff soon though, no worries. 

Onward, clothes. I am a big advocate of "shopping local" so to speak. Independently owned shops are my jam. Not only because are you supporting an individual rather than a big box store but you are purchasing items that not everybody and their mother will have nor are you are paying outrageous prices. Outrageous prices and I don't get along well. I recently discovered Novelstyle Shop as they opened a couple of months ago by an Argentina born, US living lady. You can read more about Ileana and her story on her blog here

Novelstyle carries a variety of great brands and pieces that are sure to please. Here are a few favorite looks from Novelstyle that I'm loving for fall -- 

That poncho though. Right now you are able to take advantage of 15% off and free shipping by using the code YELLOW15. Be sure to check out all of their styles and the girl behind the shop, both are sure to please. 

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go decide if I'm going to workout or pour a glass of wine. I think we all know what will win out....guzzle guzzle guzzle.


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  1. Only you can go from possibly baby talk to clothes flawlessly! The poncho, its a must.


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