I'm Officially Over The Stitch Fix Hill - 40th Reveal!

It's official - I am over the hill. I never thought this day would come [or at least so quickly] but just like the greys on my head, it happened. That's right, I have reached my 40th fix from Stitch Fix. Being that this was a "mature" fix so to speak given the number of it, I decided to request some professional attire. You know, those pieces that you used to think were boring to wear to work? Totally not boring anymore thanks to Stitch Fix. Good ole Layla didn't disappoint like always. A few blazers, skirts and dresses later and bam - I'm ready to hit the workplace in style [or at least my couch, laptop in hand]. Once again I am so torn on what to keep and what to send back so I'm letting you choose for me! Hooray - my husband loves when I put my spending into other people's hands. Before we begin, here's a quick little note on how Stitch Fix works if you have no idea what I'm even talking about right now. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING?

1. You start by filling out your style profile - you will complete all sorts of questions on sizing, pricing, preferences, colors, etc. You can also write notes about likes/dislikes. Make sure to link your fashion board on Pinterest so your stylist can see what you like! 

2. Order your first fix! Your card will be charged a $20 styling fee however, if you keep any item [one or more] you will be credited back the $20. Because of this I always recommend keeping at least one item or you are essentially giving away $20 for nothing in return. You will receive 5 items [made up of clothing, jewelry, and handbags]. I personally only want clothing in my fix so I just always let my stylist know! 

3. Decide what you want and what you want to send back [in a postage paid envelope]! You have 3 business days to do so - use this time to try everything on, see what you have in your closet that pairs well with it and don't be afraid to yes to something that you wouldn't normally. That's what makes Stitch Fix so fun! 

It should be noted that while I have chosen to receive monthly fixes, this is in no way a subscription service and you are able to decide when you want another fix, whether that be in 6 months or 2 years from your first fix! As always, if you ever have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments section below. This time I did include pricing because if you are the buyer, you gotta know shaz like that. Fortunately they do offer an awesome referral package, so much of what you see below will be discounted thanks to awesome people like you trying it out for yourself by using my link. Bless you sweet friends!

Here we go! Remember - If you see anything that you like below, feel free to pin away and/or ask your stylist in the notes section of your next fix for something similar! 

1. THML - Brandi Embroidered Skirt - Small - $58
 top // boots here and here

So this skirt, lets talk about it. I kinda dig it - between the crazy pattern, pops of red and the ability to completely dress it up or down, you can't go wrong. That is unless your husband strongly dislikes it. I decided to pair this cute little thing with some chambray and bootie action to give it a completely different vibe than what I would have imagined for it when I first pulled it out of the box. Fall, you can't stop me now.


2. Kut From The Kloth - Maisha Ponte and Faux Leather Jacket - Small - $88

Oh, this jacket. When I first pulled it out of the box I thought "yes, absolutely yes". And then I tried it on and saw myself in pictures of it and thought "no, absolutely no". I'm not sure if it's the poor styling I did with it, how orange my face appears to be, or what but it's just a little off to me. I promise you on the hanger it's fabulous. What would you pair this bad boy with? Mama needs help obviously.

pants // boots [similar here and here]

3. Loveappella - Abbey Cold Shoulder Knit Top - Small - $54

And now for the sex pot piece. My stylist has been trying to throw in a few more "risky" items from time to time and I would be lying if I said I hated it. This is a perfect top for a night out and also happens to be super comfortable while allowing me to wear a regular [read: not strapless] bra with it. Yes angels, you may rejoice with me.  

heels [similar here and here]

4. Everly - Peter Dress- Small - $68

Now for the biggest "stumper" of the group. I didn't care for this dress when I pulled it out of the box. And then I put it on and thought, okay we're getting somewhere here. The fit is perfection and the color is awesome for fall. The only downside is it is a tad short in the back to wear to work without worrying anybody seeing my hoo-hah. So annoying us ladies have to worry about such things ya know?

5. Market & Spruce - Kristah Ruffle Knit Blazer - Small - $78

Last but not least, this navy ruffle blazer. Love at first sight? No. Love at first wear? Yes. This was Shawn's favorite piece because he is all for full coverage and items that I can still wear when I'm 58! This blazer is surprisingly super cute and flattering.

Alright - there we have it, the 5 items that I have absolutely no idea what to keep and what to send back. Dang you Stitch Fix for always messing my brain up like this. Fortunately, you ladies came through in the clutch the last time I needed you and I'm hoping you don't fail me now. In case you don't know what I'm talking about - last month I let YOU be the buyer. As in, I put my entire life's fate into your hands. And guess what? I listened to you! I kept everything you told me to, minus the lowest ranking item (by a long shot) - the open back top. Because it worked so well before, I'm doing it again. I have until Tuesday to send this ish back so help a woman out. Place your votes below. What you say is what goes. Choose wisely.


Want give Stitch Fix a try for yourself! If you do, let me know how it goes! I always love hearing from readers who give it a go!



  1. If you put leggings and tall boots with the dress it would be work appropriate. Even though the name sounded intriguing, I don't love the faux leather piece.

  2. Ha! I sent back a similar item to that faux jacket last fall. I wanted to love it because it was so comfy but it wasn't me at all. Couldn't justify it. I love that skirt, and the blazer and the cold shoulder top. Those would be my keeps. I like the dress and a pair of leggings and booties would make It appropriate for work.

  3. I love your booties with the skirt, well I actually love the whole outfit. Where'd you get the booties from?

  4. I love the blazer, I received a similar blazer which was 108.00😁 I ended up keeping it because it's so comfortable and versatile. I love the black shirt and the skirt. You get the best fixes.

  5. I got the ruffle blazer in a recent Fix and it's become one of my fave items!

  6. Shawn and I seem to have the same taste......... the blazer is really cute and is very versatile, you can really play it up or down with so much. I also like the cold shoulder top, it is sexy and just looks like something you would enjoy.

  7. I got the blazer last month in my box but in heather grey. If I would have got in Navy, I would have kept it! Keep it! I agree with the other commenter, that dress would work with leggings!

  8. That dress is gorgeous!!! I've thought about trying Stitch Fix but just haven't pulled the trigger yet.


    La Joie de Vivre

  9. First of all, I love the booties you're wearing in these pictures. I could never pull that off! I also love that peter dress but like you, I am hesitant about wearing things to school (aka work) without something appearing that shouldn't! The blazer is my favorite of the things.

  10. I like the booties, I'm not so sure about that second piece either, if you're having trouble styling it I would consider sending it back! I think if you wear the dress with tights it will be work appropriate!


    Laura Aime Vous

  11. I love that blazer and the skirt. The jacket looks good on you too. You have the best shoes. I want all the shoes in this post! : )

    We have a Stitch Fix giveaway going on now!

  12. The Cold Shoulder Top is gorgeous! Great piece for the holidays too! I need to give Stitch Fix a chance : )

  13. I love that dress! It's the perfect fit and color for you!
    The Rad Wife

  14. I must know where you got the booties you are wearing with the red and white skirt. I have pinned so many pictures of you to my style board I feel like we are friends! :-) Thank you for keeping us in fashion!

  15. LOVE the skirt!! Not digging the dress. Also, where are those burgundy pants from that you paired with the black top?!

  16. Nevermind my questions about the pants- just saw that you got them from your last fix :)

  17. I agree with Traci, would love to know where those booties are from in the first pic?!

  18. Where did you buy your taupe booties? I've been looking for a pair like them and haven't been able to find any.

  19. again, a useless vote where i am left hanging as to what you got. still searching (:


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