Well now that it's basically Thursday I figured it would be a good time to recap last weekend. Nothing like a little tardiness from time to time. It turns out when I work full days outside of the home, I suck at everything else in life, blog included. I'm going to see if I remember how to construct a blog post by throwing 30 photos in your face because YOLO. And because I don't feel like writing out a ton of words tonight. Sleep, you know..I like it.
So Friday - there's this new-ish local restaurant that's within walking distance of our house [not that we would ever walk there because that's why God made cars, but you get the point..we could walk there. If God wouldn't have made cars]. Long story short I kinda love it [locals - hit up Bacon Hill asap] and I love it even more when they have really amazing male vocalists who sing Thomas Rhett's new song "Die a Happy Man". I may have had Shawn slow dance with me in the kitchen Monday night to said song and we twirled, dipped, and almost broke each ankle several times. Grace abounds this household. Back to what I was saying - we hit up Bacon Hill, ate, drank, sang and loved life. A decent evening if I don't say so myself.

Saturday morning I woke up in the previous nights make-up (totally did that on purpose so I wouldn't have to shower - efficiency, learn it) and headed out to an artisan market with my sister and friend. Obviously my eyeballs turned into hearts and my debit card found its way to those vendors little Square machine with no trouble at all.

 still kicking myself in the shins for not buying this market fresh sign

I did purchase this little ditty [also known as a handmade wood tray] from one gold nail and I almost feel as I have never loved something more. Not even another human.

The remainder of the day was spent in sweatpants, no make-up and stuffing my face with chip dip so yes - it was a total win.

Sunday rolled around and so did my urge to bake cookies. Because I am very concerned with how I am going to look in a bikini next week [wahooooo for vaca] I only put 4 sticks of butter into these babies.

It was at this time when I realized I have yet to tell you all that you need to buy these shoe boxes from The Container Store and use them for all of your pantry needs. I keep all of my baking items in them which keeps the flour and sugar mess out of my shelves. I'm not saying it's a genius idea but.....
[I've totally purchased over 40 of these]

To end the weekend we headed off to my sister's "stashes and lashes" party to find out if that baby hanging out in her stomach is with or without nuts....

The big reveal was made when my nieces whacked away at a piƱata that was full of either blue or pink candy. They started smacking and well...

it is a boy indeed! I know this only because I saw his wiener which was so totally awkward because Shawn saw me look at it but whatever. I am so excited for my sis and that family of hers - I am not so excited to have the little thing pee all over my walls and face when trying to change his diapers however. Proud of us girls for not having squirty zucchinis hanging off of us. Yes, I think I actually just wrote that.

And with that, the weekend drew to a close. A fun one fo sho'.
On that note, I'm out - popcorn and ice cream keep screaming at me and you know how annoying things are if you don't shut them up. Off to take care of business...



  1. Thanks for another entertaining and happy post. I swear I need your life. #lifegoals

  2. That is the cutest gender reveal party idea ever! And could your nieces be any more adorable? How will they make a boy that awesome too?????

  3. Where'd you get that sweater? It's fab!

  4. What a great post! You are too funny - love your blog!

  5. Gender reveals are so fun. I had one for my 3rd baby which ended up being my only girl - I was relieved to see the pink balloons come out of the box!
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