Flo-Rida Part 2

Because I have failed miserably in blogging about a few trips over the past year [how I completely forgot to write about our trip to Disney World with my family last November is beyond me] I want to make sure to document every last drop of our recent Florida trip. This means you are about to see an obnoxious amount of pictures and read about details you could care less about, but such is the life of blogging. In case you missed our first day, feel free to read about it here and then come back here for more Florida fun.
Okay cool, you came back. You were better off on Facebook. Regardless, lets jump in to...the ocean!

Time to dry off now, sorry. That pretty much sums up how we spent our first couple of days. Jumping waves, almost dying thanks to the undertow, getting salt in all of the wrong places [ouch], and making sure all body parts stayed in the appropriate areas [with much failure]. You win some, you lose some ya know? Unfortunately the nips won.

After getting our bronze on we cleaned up and headed to West Palm Beach for some Clematis Street action. Not to be mistaken with Chlamydia action. On Thursday nights they block off the street, bring in live music and you can have yourself a grand ole time. Before figuring out where we were going to eat, we took full advantage of this awesome painting on a side of a building for some photog fun.

Now that you are dizzy from looking at the same painting 1,273 times - feast your eyes on my dinner at The Alchemist.
In case you are trying to figure out if I actually ordered that giant bacon cheeseburger, parmesan garlic fries, white truffle macaroni and cheese, and [a couple] cucumber infused martinis all for me the answer is obviously.
After falling victim to the above, it was time to do a little exploring of Clematis Street and discover something we like to call beer.
By 9 pm we were ready to call it a day [we are cool, but not 11 pm cool] we headed back to our resort to get our sleep on because as we predicted, the next day was going to be full of activities which looked a lot like all of the above. Stay tuned for those oh so exciting adventures. 



  1. I love all of these pics... It looks like you had a blast! xo

  2. Erin, your new camera is amazing. It looks like you guys had so much fun!!!

  3. Beautiful pics...I'm craving a hot sun-shining vacation!

  4. Oh man I need Florida! I didn't realize how much I needed a vacation until now!
    The Rad Wife


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