Currently Crushing On....[Fall Favorites]

As if we needed anymore reasons on why we should love Fall, I am coming at you with 5 more today. This season is totally my jam. The flavors, the scents, the colors, the wardrobe, the coziness of it all - if there was an awards show for seasons, Fall would totally take home all of the trophies. I recently received the Fall Acorn Box and it was packed with 5 items that anybody could love this season! I was so excited to see what was inside and here we have it....

You can never have too many notebooks, at least that's my life motto. You can especially never have too many personalized notebooks with really cute designs on the front. I have always loved MayDesigns so to receive my own with a gold "E" on the front was equivalent to a unicorn showing up at my doorstep. These are the perfect thin notebooks to slide in your purse while on the go, to keep in your nightstand drawer for midnight ideas or in your glove box so you can jot down that brilliant thought while parked at a red light. If you would like your own, make sure to use the code ACORN-20 to receive 20% off your order now thru October 31st. 

It's funny when you don't have children of your own but yet you find yourself incredibly excited about receiving a children's book with a cute stuffed witch attached. We kept our two nieces over the weekend and it was so fun to be able to surprise them with this treat. The goal of the book and the little witch [my niece named hers "Tidy"] is to teach kids to leave out their Halloween candy after trick-or-treating at night and their candy will be switched out by the witch with a toy. Not only does this save the children a million and two cavities, the book also teaches children that they have to be good in order for this happen. Tidy sat on our fireplace mantle during their stay and I was informed by my sister that Tidy has now received a letter or two from my nieces. This book is a must-have for any children in your life this Halloween season. You can find it in any Target near you! To read more about this awesome children's tradition click here

I am going to go ahead and assume that if you are a girl and you are reading this post, you are also obsessed with Goody hair ties. When I saw that they now have burgundy and gold options, my eyes lit up like the fourth of July because guess what..I LOVE BURGUNDY AND GOLD IN MY HAIR. These babies are so painless, stretch like no other, and keep my hair up all day long. Definitely the only go-to ponytail accessory I need.

4. Onyx Coffee

It is now that I wish blogs had a scratch and sniff feature. You guys, this coffee. Where do I begin? The scents of raspberry, white grapes and chocolate - the adorable packaging - the nostalgia of having to grind your own beans, it's just all too good to be true. I received the Ethiopian Guji Hambela Chelchele blend and totally recommend this for yourself this Fall and Winter season or for those on your Christmas list. Combine it with a chocolate bar and cute mug and you are good to go. You can order your own online here.

5. Glade Fall Scented Candle

Last but not least, the Glade candle because we all know that Fall is not complete without candles burning. I received the Hit The Road scent which is full of frosted herbs and autumn bark. The craziest thing about this little flame is that it will burn up to 28 hours which is basically eternity in candle life. Glade's Pumpkin Pit Stop and Apple Tree Picnic options are other great Fall scents that you need to get your hands on asap. Your home thanks you. 

That completes today's five fall items that I'm currently crushing on. What are you loving this Fall season? 

This post is sponsored by Acorn Influence, but all opinions are 100% my own. 


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  1. I love May books! I have a planner from them I customized and it is just darling! Thanks for sharing your favorite things!

    Laura Aime Vous


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