Florida Adventures Continued

I'm hoping you didn't think my Florida recap posts were over because believe me, we are just getting started party people. Sorry not sorry. It's just that I keep finding really important pictures that need to be posted on here because I try to fill this space with only the most beautiful appropriate things. 

And no, I wasn't posing as a witch. 

After looking at all of our photos it really drives home one fact -- I should really put makeup on and do my hair. I'm like a dirty slick willy in all of these Florida pictures but such is life I guess. Enough about me though, lets talk about how shuffleboard saved Lamar Odom's life. Now I know what you are thinking - "oh no, another tabloid exploiting Lamar's drug and prostitute addiction which somehow rescued his marriage!" but no, I'm just here to say it was in game two of Shuffleboard that I dedicated the round to Lamar and "by coincidence" he made a miraculous recovery within hours. These 90 year old people were onto something when they discovered this life saving game. I'm still waiting on my thank you letter from him, but I'll let you know when it comes in. I'm expecting 5-7 days from the publishing of this post, mail time ya know? Those swans are slow these days. 

Back to shuffleboard though. We played it. The end. 

To rejuvenate our youth we made our way to the tiki bar and purchased these cute little monkey coconut heads because everybody needs a monkey coconut head in their life. 

Those heads somehow grew bodies suddenly, awkward and scary I know.

It is now at the point in the post where I post beach pictures that are supposed to appear that they were taken the same day but guess what - I'm a liar. These are definitely from a different day, it's just that I don't know what day it was so I am plugging them in here because YOLO [and because what is a Florida post without some beach shots].

To end the day we headed up to Jupiter Inlet to eat at U-Tiki Beach which was hands down the best meal and experience of our trip. If you are in the Palm Beach area, you definitely need to check this place out. The filet medallions and u-tiki potatoes are seriously like eating gold. Not that I've actually eaten chunks of gold but I can imagine it's a glorious experience. Maybe a little crunchy actually now that I think about it so scratch that...just take my word about the filet and potatoes. The restaurant sits on a marina and overlooks a pretty little lighthouse which makes the ambiance on point, especially for photos which is why I took five hundred.

And that concludes day 3 of our adventures in paradise. Only 1-2 more posts to go and it's a wrap which means one thing - time to plan another vaca ;) 




It's currently 3:40 pm and I'm sitting on the couch, blanket around me, Maggie by my side chewing on a treat and the movie Couples Retreat on the TV screen. Naturally I have coffee in my hand and my mind is deciding between if I should have a baby or a caramel apple sucker. In case you're wondering, I decided on the sucker. The baby thing seemed a little difficult being that I'm home alone and all. 

It's moments like this however that I can't decide if I absolutely love being at home [like this is great right? so great] or if I hate it [because this is lonely right? like so lonely]. This is the exact reason why my husband quickly reminds me of these moments every time I mention that I want to be a full time stay at home wife [I mean blogger]. I think it's actually the threat of me maybe wanting a child that scares him the most about me not leaving the house daily, but I digress. Now would be a good time for me to segway into that post I once promised entitled "so are you ever going to have kids?" however I think I'd rather talk about clothes. Priorities, you know? I'll get back to that other stuff soon though, no worries. 

Onward, clothes. I am a big advocate of "shopping local" so to speak. Independently owned shops are my jam. Not only because are you supporting an individual rather than a big box store but you are purchasing items that not everybody and their mother will have nor are you are paying outrageous prices. Outrageous prices and I don't get along well. I recently discovered Novelstyle Shop as they opened a couple of months ago by an Argentina born, US living lady. You can read more about Ileana and her story on her blog here

Novelstyle carries a variety of great brands and pieces that are sure to please. Here are a few favorite looks from Novelstyle that I'm loving for fall -- 

That poncho though. Right now you are able to take advantage of 15% off and free shipping by using the code YELLOW15. Be sure to check out all of their styles and the girl behind the shop, both are sure to please. 

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go decide if I'm going to workout or pour a glass of wine. I think we all know what will win out....guzzle guzzle guzzle.



Flo-Rida Part 2

Because I have failed miserably in blogging about a few trips over the past year [how I completely forgot to write about our trip to Disney World with my family last November is beyond me] I want to make sure to document every last drop of our recent Florida trip. This means you are about to see an obnoxious amount of pictures and read about details you could care less about, but such is the life of blogging. In case you missed our first day, feel free to read about it here and then come back here for more Florida fun.
Okay cool, you came back. You were better off on Facebook. Regardless, lets jump in to...the ocean!

Time to dry off now, sorry. That pretty much sums up how we spent our first couple of days. Jumping waves, almost dying thanks to the undertow, getting salt in all of the wrong places [ouch], and making sure all body parts stayed in the appropriate areas [with much failure]. You win some, you lose some ya know? Unfortunately the nips won.

After getting our bronze on we cleaned up and headed to West Palm Beach for some Clematis Street action. Not to be mistaken with Chlamydia action. On Thursday nights they block off the street, bring in live music and you can have yourself a grand ole time. Before figuring out where we were going to eat, we took full advantage of this awesome painting on a side of a building for some photog fun.

Now that you are dizzy from looking at the same painting 1,273 times - feast your eyes on my dinner at The Alchemist.
In case you are trying to figure out if I actually ordered that giant bacon cheeseburger, parmesan garlic fries, white truffle macaroni and cheese, and [a couple] cucumber infused martinis all for me the answer is obviously.
After falling victim to the above, it was time to do a little exploring of Clematis Street and discover something we like to call beer.
By 9 pm we were ready to call it a day [we are cool, but not 11 pm cool] we headed back to our resort to get our sleep on because as we predicted, the next day was going to be full of activities which looked a lot like all of the above. Stay tuned for those oh so exciting adventures. 



Exciting Stitch Fix News!

Just when I thought I couldn't love Stitch Fix more they decided to make all of my dreams come true by releasing [today!] their new app for iPhones. As of today you are able to head to the app store [don't worry Android users, your time is coming soon] and download this beautiful little app. Here's why I'm loving it: 

1. You are now able to upload a personal picture of yourself so that your stylist can see exactly what you look like! This is great because your stylist is easily able see your body type and send you exactly what they believe will look awesome on you. Not just that, but it puts a face with a name and personalizes the experience even more. Get those cameras out ladies and start snappin'. 

2. You are able to communicate with your stylist on the go! Out and about and see something that you love in a store? Send her a note! Did you just accept an invitation to a big event that you need an outfit for? Let her know! This open line of communication is awesome for ensuring great fixes.

3. During the checkout process in the app you can now see a photo of each item which makes the checkout process even easier and doesn't leave you second guessing if you are returning the wrong items. I love this added feature! 

4. As always, you can schedule your next fix, track your shipment, checkout, make notes, manage your style profile, etc. This app is SO easy to use and will enhance your Stitch Fix experience greatly [or so I think!] 

With the launch of the new app, Stitch Fix is giving you the chance to win $1,000 in Stitch Fix credit or be one of 1,000 people to win a Stitch Fix selfie stick just for signing up for the app! All you have to do is click here to sign up for the app and then head over to their Facebook page to input your name and email so they know you did it! 

If you have never tried Stitch Fix out for yourself, now is the perfect time to get started. Just click here to get started - your wardrobe will never love you better. Don't forget to sign up for the app in the process - you never know, you may just end up with $1,000 Stitch Fix credit in your pocket!



Vacation Blues

And just like that, it's all over.
Last night after we returned home and the mounds of laundry were thrown all over the bed, sunscreen was put back into place and the cold hard truth that I would no longer be eating bacon cheeseburgers every night for dinner set in, I dove head first into the end of vacation blues. It's like when you are a child and you realize that summer is over and it's time to go back to school, except worse because in order to make vacation happen again you have to spend money and re-convince your husband why traveling is necessary to life.
It was such a great week spent in Florida with Shawn and our friends, Aubree and Eric. You see, Aubs and I go way back. Way back to like 5 years old. We have stayed the best of friends through bad haircuts, even worse outfits, her going to college while I decided to get hitched instead and now her living miles and miles away in Alabama with her husband of almost one year. For the past several years she has continually said that once she found a man us four have to travel together - well, she found one and we did just that. It was so great to have uninterrupted time with those love birds and for us to be able to talk (okay sing) about anything freely, laugh uncontrollably, and do whatever the heck we wanted whenever the heck we wanted. Oh adulthood,  you aren't so bad after all.
Because I took two million and forty-two pictures [roughly], I thought I would space our vacation out through a few posts. We're going to start with day one...
It all started at the worst car rental place in the world (looking at you Fox Car Rental, sorry but I am). Fortunately we decided to ignore how long we had to stand out in the heat wearing skin tight jeans waiting for a car that didn't have wet stains and long hairs all over the seats and just strike a pose instead. When you've got the people you love, you ignore all other circumstances [for like 30 seconds].
Finally after receiving a car that kinda met our standards, we ventured on over to Singer Island, Florida for our stay at Marriott's Ocean Pointe Resort. The funny part of this story is that up until 12 hours before check-in, I thought we were staying at a different property (in case you are looking at staying in the Fort Lauderdale area, we did also tour the Marriott's Oceana Palms Resort on Singer Island and loved it, I would totally recommend it). I guess one should always read confirmation emails and pay attention to important things like booking a hotel. We went with a 2 bedroom suite so that we could all be in the same room without having to be in the same room if you know what I mean. Fortunately, it worked out perfectly.
We totally took advantage of having a full kitchen at our disposal and stocked up on all sorts of groceries and liquor to save us both calories and cash during our stay here.
Naturally as soon as we got checked in we did our duties of checking the place out [which really meant get a cocktail at the nearest pool bar we could find..]
We then discovered those wonderful things called "pools and beaches" and submersed ourselves as quickly as possible into all things vacation.
Because the first day of travel is always exhausting we opted to stay in and play pretend that we were 85! Cards and cocktails for the win. Stay tuned for many more exciting adventures including but not limited to :: heated rounds of shuffleboard and queso. Lots and lots of queso...