Weekend Daze

And there goes that weekend.

The past two days were completely opposite from each other, a nice mix so to speak. Saturday was full of activities as every hour was accounted for from 6 am to midnight for both Shawn and I, something we aren't really used to. I rolled out of bed and headed out to participate in my second ever color run with a group of friends. I've decided that any running race that feels like a rave is a running race I can get down with. I only thought about crying 27 times when running so that was a success. Thankfully I forgot all about what I had just done seconds after the race as I was jumping up and down with hundreds of others throwing colored powder all over the freaking place like a 4 year old. To which I proceeded to do over and over and over again. It should be no surprise that I "accidentally" exploded a pack of yellow all over my face. Living in it peeps, living in it. 


After said color run we headed immediately to a restaurant to scarf our faces with bacon cheeseburgers and margaritas because hello - you have to replenish any calories you may have lost while running. I may have also went to chick-fil-a after this meal to eat dessert, a 4 pack of chicken nuggets. Whoever says that dessert has to be sweet obviously hasn't had chick-fil-a nuggets after a meal.

After watching Notre Dame barely win we headed out to surprise my sweet friend of 25 years for her 30th birthday. 

A few double tall gin and tonics, several shots and chicken wontons, mozzarella basil chicken, mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables and key lime pie later and I was satisfied. Turns out homegirl [me] can eat. It also turns out that I can't handle toasts that involve husbands telling their wife how wonderful she is. I was that girl at the table of 30 of us bawling during my friends birthday toast from her husband. No, it wasn't awkward when the tears wouldn't stop rolling down my face. 

Needless to say Sunday was spent sleeping on the couch from 8 am to 10 pm. Wild ones we are. An entire crockpot of cheese dip was consumed throughout the day so that's neat. It's okay guys, Monday is here and I'm totally planning on working out here soon so don't even worry about it. I figure if I can't get to the end of this 1800 Minute Challenge there's always cocaine to fall back on. I hear that's an efficient and safe way to take off the pounds.* 

Alright well on that note, I'm off to get this day started - laundry, coffee, work, bible study and all sorts of other fun things await. What was the funnest thing you did this weekend? Lets hear it. 

*this was a joke - say no to coke. 

**I really need to start using a real camera again and not just rely on iPhone pictures that you have already all seen on IG. #horribleblogger 



  1. Loved the photos from the Color Run! So much fun!

  2. I went to a colour festival so you do the same thing minus the running and instead there is music playing such a fun day out and I didn't have to exercise ha!
    Nothing better than chick fil a nuggets so I don't blame you girl.

  3. Took like a four hour nap? Does that count?? :)

  4. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. I'm not a runner by any means but would love to take part in a Color Run someday.


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